Past Projects

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Title Principal Investigator(s) Institution Project Startsort ascending Project End
An Integrated Evaluation of the Simulated Hydroclimate System of the Continental US 2016 2019
Energy-Water Nexus Knowledge Discovery Framework 2016 2018
A Hierarchical Evaluation Framework for Assessing Climate Simulations Relevant to the Energy-Water-Land Nexus 2016 2019
A Regional Earth System Model of the NE Corridor: Analyzing 21st Century Climate and Environment - Energy Systems Analysis and Emission Scenarios 2011 2014
Earth and Environmental System Modeling 2011 2013
Research in Integrated Assessment Inter-Model Development, Testing and Diagnostics 2010 2013
Regional Integrated Assessment Model Framework 2010 2015
Assistance with Incorporating Impacts into Integrated Assessment 2007 2014