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Title Principal Investigator(s) Institution Project Term
Grid Generation, Coupling Strategies, and Spatially-Dependent Time— Stepping for Oceantidal/Estuary Systems and other ESM Components Gunzburger, Max; Ju, Lili Florida State University 2016
Improving Tide-Estuary Representation in MPAS-Ocean Zhang, Yinglong Joseph Virginia Institute of Marine Science 2016-2019
Improved Efficiency and Coupling of the Radiation Code in the ACME Earth System Model Mlawer, Eli J. Atmospheric and Environmental Research 2016-2019
Investigating the Impacts of Changes in Land Cover and Land Management on Climate Using ACME Jain, Atul K University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign 2016-2018
Improving the Interface Processes in the DOE/ACME Model Zeng, Xubin University of Arizona 2016-2019
Implementation of a Quasi-3D Multiscale Modeling Framework in ACME Randall, David A Colorado State University 2016-2019
Fire, Dust, Air and Water: Improving aerosol biogeochemistry interactions in ACME Mahowald, Natalie Marie Cornell University
Launching an Extreme-scale ACME Prototype - Transport (LEAP-T) Jones, Philip W Los Alamos National Laboratory 2015-2017
A Non-hydrostatic Variable Resolution Atmospheric Model in ACME Taylor, Mark A Sandia National Laboratories 2015-2017
MARBL: Marine Biogeochemistry Library Long, Matthew C National Center for Atmospheric Research 2014-2017
Early Career: Detection and Attribution of Regional Climate Change with a Focus on the Precursors of Droughts 2012-2017
A Community Emissions Data System (CEDS) Smith, Steven J Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 2015-2018
Major Improvements on the Longwave Radiative Interactions between Surface and Clouds in the Polar Regions in Atmospheric Global Circulation Model (GCM) Huang, Xianglei University of Michigan 2015-2018
Enabling Chemistry of Gases and Aerosols for Assessment of Short-Lived Climate Forcers: Improving Solar Radiation Modeling in the DOE-ACME and CESM models Prather, Michael UC Irvine 2014-2017
Global land model development: Time to shift from a plant functional type to a plant functional trait approach Reich, Peter B; Bannerjee, Arindam University of Minnesota 2014-2017
Modeling Long-Term Changes in Climate, Ice Sheets and Sea Level: Using the Paleo Record to Understand Possibilities for the Future Otto-Bliesner, Bette L. National Center for Atmospheric Research
Accelerated Climate Modeling for Energy Bader, David C Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2014-2017
Improving Land-Surface Modeling of Evapotranspiration Processes in Tropical Forests Miller, Gretchen R.; Cahill, Anthony T.; Moore, Georgianne W. Texas A&M University 2013-2016
Scale-aware, Improved Hydrological and Biogeochemical Simulations of the Amazon Under a Changing Climate Shen, Chaopeng Pennsylvania State University 2013-2016
Towards Parameterization of Root-rock Hydrologic Interactions in the Earth System Model Fung, Inez Y. University of California - Berkeley 2013-2015
Applying Computationally Efficient Schemes for BioGeochemical Cycles (ACES4BGC) Hoffman, Forrest M. Oak Ridge National Laboratory 2012-2017
Predicting Ice Sheet and Climate Evolution at Extreme Scales (PISCEES) Price, Stephen; Ng, Esmond Los Alamos National Laboratory 2012-2017
MULTISCALE: Accurate, Efficient, and Scale-Aware Models of the Earth System Collins, William D. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2011-2016
3D Radiative Transfer Parameterization Over Mountains/Snow for High-Resolution Climate Models: Fast Physics and Computational Applications Liou, Kuo-Nan University of California Los Angeles 2011-2014
Dynamics of Arctic and Sub-Arctic Climate and Atmospheric Circulation: Diagnosis of Mechanisms and Biases Using Data Assimilation Nigam, Sumant University of Maryland 2009-2012
The Climate, Ocean and Sea Ice Modeling (COSIM) Jones, Philip Los Alamos National Laboratory 2011-2012
Parvis: Parallel Analysis Tools and New Visualization Techniques for Ultra-Large Climate Data Sets Jacob, Robert Argonne National Laboratory 2010-2013
CSSEF: Climate Science for a Sustainable Energy Future Bader, Dave Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Ultra-High Resolution Global Climate Simulation Hack, James Oak Ridge National Laboratory 2009-2013
Fast-physics System Testbed and Research (FASTER) Project Liu, Yangang Brookhaven National Laboratory 2009-2013