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Title Principal Investigator(s) Institution Project Start Project Endsort ascending
Probabilistic Sea-Level Projections from Ice Sheet and Earth System Models Price, Stephen F.; Ng, Esmond G. Los Alamos National Laboratory 2017 2022
A New Discrete Element Sea-Ice Model for Earth System Modeling Turner, Adrian Keith Los Alamos National Laboratory 2017 2020
Assessing and Improving the Numerical Solution of Atmospheric Physics in E3SM Wan, Hui Pacific Northest National Laboratory 2017 2020
Implementation of a Quasi-3D Multiscale Modeling Framework in ACME Randall, David A Colorado State University 2016 2019
Improved Efficiency and Coupling of the Radiation Code in the ACME Earth System Model Mlawer, Eli J. Atmospheric and Environmental Research 2016 2019
Improving the Interface Processes in the DOE/ACME Model Zeng, Xubin University of Arizona 2016 2019
Improving Tide-Estuary Representation in MPAS-Ocean Zhang, Yinglong Joseph Virginia Institute of Marine Science 2016 2019
Major Improvements on the Longwave Radiative Interactions between Surface and Clouds in the Polar Regions in Atmospheric Global Circulation Model (GCM) Huang, Xianglei University of Michigan 2015 2018
A Community Emissions Data System (CEDS) Smith, Steven J Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 2015 2018
Investigating the Impacts of Changes in Land Cover and Land Management on Climate Using ACME Jain, Atul K University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign 2016 2018
Predicting Ice Sheet and Climate Evolution at Extreme Scales (PISCEES) Price, Stephen; Ng, Esmond Los Alamos National Laboratory 2012 2017
Global land model development: Time to shift from a plant functional type to a plant functional trait approach Reich, Peter B; Bannerjee, Arindam University of Minnesota 2014 2017
Enabling Chemistry of Gases and Aerosols for Assessment of Short-Lived Climate Forcers: Improving Solar Radiation Modeling in the DOE-ACME and CESM models Prather, Michael UC Irvine 2014 2017
Early Career: Detection and Attribution of Regional Climate Change with a Focus on the Precursors of Droughts 2012 2017
MARBL: Marine Biogeochemistry Library Long, Matthew C National Center for Atmospheric Research 2014 2017
A Non-hydrostatic Variable Resolution Atmospheric Model in ACME Taylor, Mark A Sandia National Laboratories 2015 2017
Launching an Extreme-scale ACME Prototype - Transport (LEAP-T) Jones, Philip W Los Alamos National Laboratory 2015 2017
Energy Exascale Earth System Model Bader, David C Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2014 2017
Improving Land-Surface Modeling of Evapotranspiration Processes in Tropical Forests Miller, Gretchen R.; Cahill, Anthony T.; Moore, Georgianne W. Texas A&M University 2013 2016
Scale-aware, Improved Hydrological and Biogeochemical Simulations of the Amazon Under a Changing Climate Shen, Chaopeng Pennsylvania State University 2013 2016
Applying Computationally Efficient Schemes for BioGeochemical Cycles (ACES4BGC) Hoffman, Forrest M. Oak Ridge National Laboratory 2012 2016
MULTISCALE: Accurate, Efficient, and Scale-Aware Models of the Earth System Collins, William D. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2011 2016
Grid Generation, Coupling Strategies, and Spatially-Dependent Time— Stepping for Oceantidal/Estuary Systems and other ESM Components Gunzburger, Max; Ju, Lili Florida State University 2016 2016
Towards Parameterization of Root-rock Hydrologic Interactions in the Earth System Model Fung, Inez Y. University of California - Berkeley 2013 2015
3D Radiative Transfer Parameterization Over Mountains/Snow for High-Resolution Climate Models: Fast Physics and Computational Applications Liou, Kuo-Nan University of California Los Angeles 2011 2014
Building Improved Optimized Parameter Estimation Algorithms to Improve Methane and Nitrogen Fluxes in a Climate Model Mahowald, Natalie Cornell University 2011 2014
A Petascale Non-Hydrostatic Atmospheric Dynamical Core in the Homme Framework Tufo, Henry University of Colorado 2011 2014
A Flexible Atmospheric Modeling Framework for the CESM Randall, David Colorado State University 2011 2014
A Generalized Stability Analysis of the AMOC in Earth System Models: Implications for Decadal Variability and Abrupt Climate Change Fedorov, Alexey Yale University 2011 2014
Parvis: Parallel Analysis Tools and New Visualization Techniques for Ultra-Large Climate Data Sets Jacob, Robert Argonne National Laboratory 2010 2013