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Title Principal Investigator(s) Institution Project Start Project Endsort ascending
Water Cycle and Climate Extremes Modeling Leung, L. Ruby Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 2016 2018
DOE/UCAR Cooperative Agreement for the Regional and Global Climate Modeling Program Meehl, Gerald A National Center for Atmospheric Research 2014 2017
Large-Scale Meteorological Organization of Extreme Weather Events Black, Robert X Georgia Institute of Technology School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 2014 2017
Estimating Carbon Flux and Storage: Constraint of the Community Land Model Using Observations at Different Temporal Scales Moore, David JP University of Arizona 2013 2017
Collaborative Research: Centralized activities in support of the Radiative Forcing Model Intercomparison Project Pincus, Robert University of Colorado 2014 2017
Biogeochemistry–Climate Feedbacks Scientific Focus Area: Quantifying Feedbacks and Uncertainties of Biogeochemical Processes in Earth System Models Hoffman, Forrest M Oak Ridge National Laboratory 2014 2017
Three-dimensional Structure of the Southern Ocean Overturning Circulation Sarmiento, Jorge L Princeton University 2015 2017
High-Latitude Application and Testing of Global and Regional Climate Models (HiLAT) Jones, Philip; Rasch, Philip Los Alamos National Laboratory 2015 2017
Mid-Latitude Circulation and Extremes in a Changing Climate Straus, David George Mason University 2014 2017
Improving Decadal Prediction of Arctic Climate Variability and Change Using a Regional Arctic system model (RASM) Maslowski, Wieslaw Naval Postgraduate School 2011 2015
To Conduct and Analyze Simulations of Anthropogenic Climate Change Based on a Version of the CESM Stan, Cristiana Institute of Global Environment and Society 2011 2014
Impact of Rising Greenhouse Gases on Mid-Latitude Storm Tracks and Associated Hydroclimate Variability and Change Seager, Richard Columbia University 2010 2014
Identifying Robust Cloud Feedbacks in Observations and Models Klein, Stephen Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2010 2014
Developing a Next-Generation Approach to Regional Climate Prediction at High Resolution Ringler, Todd Los Alamos National Laboratory 2011 2014
Detection of Historical and Future Precipitation Variations and Extremes Over the Continental United States Anderson, Bruce Boston University 2011 2014
Multiscale Modeling of Aerosol Indirect Effects on Decadal Timescales Ghan, Steven Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 2011 2014
Understanding the Effects of Tides and Eddies on the Ocean Dynamics, Sea Ice Cover and Decadal/Centennial Climate Production Hutchings, Jennifer University of Alaska Fairbanks 2011 2014
Developing and Implementing Ocean-Atmosphere Reanalyses for Climate Applications (OARCA) Compo, Gilbert University of Colorado 2011 2014
Quantification and Reduction of Critical Uncertainties Associated with Carbon Cycle - Climate System Feedbacks Thornton, Peter E. Oak Ridge National Laboratory 2010 2014
Quantifying Climate Feedbacks of the Terrestrial Biosphere Under Thawing Permafrost Conditions in the Arctic Zhuang, Qianlai Purdue University 2011 2014
Decadal Prediction and Stochastic Simulation of Hydroclimate over Monsoonal Asia Robertson, Andrew W. Columbia University 2011 2014
A Generalized Stability Analysis of the AMOC in Earth System Models: Implications for Decadal Variability and Abrupt Climate Change Fedorov, Alexey Yale University 2011 2014
The PCMDI Climate Data Management System and Data-Dimension Interface Williams, Dean Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2009 2013
The Mechanisms of Natural Variability and its Interaction With Anthropogenic Climate Change Vallis, Geoffrey Princeton University 2010 2013
The CCPP-ARM GCM Parameterization Testbed at the Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison (PCMDI) Klein, Stephen Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2009 2013
The Climate Model Analysis and Intercomparison Project at the Program for Climate Model Diagnosis Taylor, Karl Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2009 2013
Study of Regional Climate Change Wang, Wei-Chyung State University of New York (SUNY) at Albany 2010 2013
Regional Projections of Climate at Decadal Time Scales: High-Resolution Global Predictions and Regionally Resolved Source-Response Studies Tribbia, Joseph University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) 2010 2013
Present and Future Modes of Low Frequency Climate Variability Cane, Mark Columbia University 2010 2013
Predictability and Impacts of Intrinsic Decadal Basin Modes in a Warming Climate Branstator, Grant University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) 2010 2013