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Physics and Dynamics Coupling Across Scales in the Next Generation CESM: Meeting the Challenge of High Resolution
Improving tide-estuary representation in MPAS-Ocean
Collaborative Research to Narrow Uncertainties in Precipitation and the Hydrological Cycle in Climate Models
Multiscale Land -Atmosphere Interaction in Tropical Ecosystems
Evaluation of the Large-Scale and Regional Climatic Response across North Africa to Natural Variability in Oceanic Modes and Terrestrial Vegetation among the CMIP5 Models
Biogeochemical Responses and Feedbacks to Climate Change: Synthetic Meta-Analyses Relevant to Earth System Models
Paleo-Megadroughts and Abrupt Climate Changes in the Speleothem Records
Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction of Extratropical Storm Track Activity over the U.S. using NMME Data
Advancing Extreme Value Analysis of High Impact Climate and Weather Events
Understanding and Constraining the Midlatitude Cloud Optical Depth Feedback in Climate Models
Understanding the Roles of Cloud Microphysics and Land Surface Coupling Feedbacks in Multi-Scale Predictions of Central US Summer Hydroclimate
Evaluation of NCAR CAM5 Simulated Marine Boundary Layer Cloud Properties Using A Combination Of Satellite And Surface Observations
Using ARM Measurements to Understand and Reduce the Double ITCZ Biases in the Community Atmospheric Model
Compensation between Poleward Energy Transports in the Ocean and Atmosphere
Understanding Recent Global Hydroclimate Change using Multivariate Detection and Attribution Techniques and GCM Experiments
Evolution in Cloud Population Statistics of the MJO: From AMIE Field Observations to Global Cloud-Permitting Models
Collaborative Proposal: Impacts of Aerosols and Air-Sea Interaction on Community Earth System Model (CESM) Biases in the Western Pacific Warm Pool Region
Ocean and Sea Ice and their Interactions around Greenland and the West Antarctic Peninsula in Forced Fine-Resolution Global Simulations
Climate Change Information System for Business and Industry
A Hierarchical Evaluation Framework for Assessing Climate Simulations Relevant to the Energy-Water-Land Nexus
A Climate Impact Assessment Service for Urban and Regional Planning
Developing Metrics to Evaluate the Skill and Credibility of Downscaling
Fire, Dust, Air and Water: Improving aerosol biogeochemistry interactions in ACME
Agricultural Impacts on Nitrogen Cycling: Climate and Air Pollution
Coupling Mechanistically the Convective Motions and Cloud Macrophysics in a Climate Model (CM4)
Modeling Long-Term Changes in Climate, Ice Sheets and Sea Level: Using the Paleo Record to Understand Possibilities for the Future
Understanding Severe Thunderstorms in the Central United States
Calibrated and Systematic Characterization, Attribution, and Detection of Extremes (CASCADE)
The Modeling of Regional Climate Over China 2007 2010
DOE/NOAA Detection and Attribution of Climate Variations and Changes 2006 2011