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Titlesort descending Principal Investigator(s) Institution Project Start Project End
Building Improved Optimized Parameter Estimation Algorithms to Improve Methane and Nitrogen Fluxes in a Climate Model 2011 2014
Calibrated and Systematic Characterization, Attribution, and Detection of Extremes (CASCADE)
Changes in Intense Precipitation Events in West Africa and the Central U.S. Under Global Warming 2010 2013
Chemistry in CESM-SE: Evaluation, Performance, and Optimization
Climate Change Information System for Business and Industry
Climate Model Development and Validation – Mesoscale Convective System 2016 2019
Climate Model Development and Validation – Regionally Refined Meshes 2016 2019
Closing the Gaps in the Budgets of Methane and Nitrous Oxide 2008 2012
Closing the Oceanic Branch of the Hydrological and Carbon Cycles and Sea Level Budget in the Community Earth System Model
Cloud-Resolving Climate Modeling of the Earth's Water Cycle 2016 2020
CMDV-SM: A Global Climate Model Software Modernization Surge 2016 2019
Collaborative Project: Developing Coupled Data Assimilation Strategy 2018 2021
Collaborative Proposal: Impacts of Aerosols and Air-Sea Interaction on Community Earth System Model (CESM) Biases in the Western Pacific Warm Pool Region
Collaborative Research to Narrow Uncertainties in Precipitation and the Hydrological Cycle in Climate Models
Collaborative Research: Centralized activities in support of the Radiative Forcing Model Intercomparison Project 2014 2017
Compensation between Poleward Energy Transports in the Ocean and Atmosphere
Cooperative Agreement for the Climate Change Prediction Program 2006 2012
Coupling Approaches for Next-Generation Architectures (CANGA) 2017 2022
Coupling Mechanistically the Convective Motions and Cloud Macrophysics in a Climate Model (CM4)
Cross-Scale Land-Atmosphere Experiment (CSLAEX) 2015 2020
CSSEF: Climate Science for a Sustainable Energy Future
Data Exploration and Analysis of Ultra-Large Climate Data 2010 2013
Decadal Prediction and Predictability of Extremes in Ocean Eddy Resolving Coupled Models 2018 2021
Decadal Prediction and Stochastic Simulation of Hydroclimate over Monsoonal Asia 2011 2014
Detection and Attribution: New Frontiers and Applications 2010 2013
Detection of Historical and Future Precipitation Variations and Extremes Over the Continental United States 2011 2014
Developing a Next-Generation Approach to Regional Climate Prediction at High Resolution 2011 2014
Developing and Implementing Ocean-Atmosphere Reanalyses for Climate Applications (OARCA) 2011 2014
Developing Metrics to Evaluate the Skill and Credibility of Downscaling
Development of a Wind-Wave Air-Sea Interface Module to Quantify Heat, Mass, and Momentum Transfer in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer in the Community Atmosphere Model/Community Earth System Model