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Titlesort descending Principal Investigator(s) Institution Project Start Project End
3D Radiative Transfer Parameterization Over Mountains/Snow for High-Resolution Climate Models: Fast Physics and Computational Applications 2011 2014
A Climate Impact Assessment Service for Urban and Regional Planning
A Community Emissions Data System (CEDS) 2015 2018
A Flexible Atmospheric Modeling Framework for the CESM 2011 2014
A Generalized Stability Analysis of the AMOC in Earth System Models: Implications for Decadal Variability and Abrupt Climate Change 2011 2014
A Hierarchical Evaluation Framework for Assessing Climate Simulations Relevant to the Energy-Water-Land Nexus
A Multi-Model, Multi-Scale Research Program in Stressors, Responses, and Coupled Systems Dynamics at the Energy-Water-Land Nexus 2018 2021
A National Strategy for Advancing Climate Modeling 2010 2012
A New Discrete Element Sea-Ice Model for Earth System Modeling 2017 2020
A Non-hydrostatic Variable Resolution Atmospheric Model in ACME 2015 2017
A Petascale Non-Hydrostatic Atmospheric Dynamical Core in the Homme Framework 2011 2014
A Regional Earth System Model of the NE Corridor: Analyzing 21st Century Climate and Environment - Energy Systems Analysis and Emission Scenarios 2011 2014
A Study of Long-Term Changes in Cold Air Outbreaks and Warm Spells 2010 2013
Accelerated Climate Modeling for Energy (ACME): Ocean and Sea-Ice Processes 2014 2018
Adaptive Vertical Grid Enhancement for E3SM 2018 2020
Advancing Extreme Value Analysis of High Impact Climate and Weather Events
Agricultural Impacts on Nitrogen Cycling: Climate and Air Pollution
An Integrated Evaluation of the Simulated Hydroclimate System of the Continental US 2016 2019
An Integrated Framework for Climate Change Assessment 2018 2019
An Interactive Multi-Model Consensus on Climate Change 2010 2013
An Interactive Multi-Model for Consensus on Climate Change 2010 2013
Analysis of Climate Data for the Study of Natural Variability and Anthropogenic Change 2011 2013
Applying Computationally Efficient Schemes for BioGeochemical Cycles (ACES4BGC) 2012 2016
Assessing and Improving the Numerical Solution of Atmospheric Physics in E3SM 2017 2020
Assessing Enso Regime Changes in a Changing Climate 2010 2013
Assessing Regional Scale Variability in Extreme Value Statistics Under Altered Climate Scenarios 2010 2013
Assessing Surface Radiative Feedbacks and Radiative Forcings in CMIP-5 Models 2010 2013
Assistance with Incorporating Impacts into Integrated Assessment 2007 2014
Biogeochemical Responses and Feedbacks to Climate Change: Synthetic Meta-Analyses Relevant to Earth System Models
Biogeochemistry–Climate Feedbacks Scientific Focus Area: Quantifying Feedbacks and Uncertainties of Biogeochemical Processes in Earth System Models 2014 2017