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Title Type Author(s) Institution Date
Stabilized bases for high-order, interpolation semi-Lagrangian, element-based tracer transport ESMD Journal Article Bradley, Andrew M. Sandia National Laboratories
Bering Strait Ocean Heat Transport Drives Decadal Arctic Variability in a High‐Resolution Climate Model RGMA Journal Article Li, Yuchen Stanford University
Upstream surface roughness and terrain are strong drivers of contrast in tornado potential between North and South America RGMA Journal Article Li, Funing Purdue University
Bimodality in simulated precipitation frequency distributions and its relationship with convective parameterizations RGMA Journal Article Ahn, Min-Seop Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Leveraging Extremal Dependence to Better Characterize the 2021 Pacific Northwest Heatwave RGMA Journal Article Zhang, Likun Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Historical sensible-heat-flux variations key to predicting future hydrologic sensitivity RGMA Journal Article Norris, Jesse University of California - Los Angeles
Global variability in atmospheric new particle formation mechanisms ESMD Journal Article Zhao, Bin Tsinghua University - China
Changing effects of external forcing on Atlantic–Pacific interactions RGMA Journal Article Karmouche, Soufiane University of Bremen - Germany
Harmonized Database of Western U.S. Water Rights (HarDWR) v.1 MSD Journal Article Lisk, Matthew D. Pennsylvania State University
Unique Temperature Trend Pattern Associated With Internally Driven Global Cooling and Arctic Warming During 1980–2022 RGMA Journal Article Sweeney, Aodhan J. University of Washington
Mid-century climate change impacts on tornado-producing tropical cyclones RGMA Journal Article Forbis, Dakota C. Iowa State University
Feasibility of Formulating Ecosystem Biogeochemical Models From Established Physical Rules RGMA Journal Article Tang, Jinyun Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Non-linear relationships between daily temperature extremes and US agricultural yields uncovered by global gridded meteorological datasets MSD Journal Article Hogan, Dylan Columbia University
Modeling the Effects of Artificial Drainage on Agriculture‐Dominated Watersheds Using a Fully Distributed Integrated Hydrology Model ESMD RGMA Journal Article Rathore, Saubhagya S. Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Exploring the Relative Importance of the MJO and ENSO to North Pacific Subseasonal Predictability RGMA Journal Article Mayer, Kirsten J. National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
African Easterly Wave Strength and Observed Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Genesis and Characteristics RGMA Journal Article Bercos‐Hickey, Emily Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Systematic and objective evaluation of Earth system models: PCMDI Metrics Package (PMP) version 3 RGMA Journal Article Lee, Jiwoo Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Effects of Surface Turbulence Flux Parameterizations on the MJO: The Role of Ocean Surface Waves ESMD Journal Article Ikuyajolu, Olawale James Georgia Institute of Technology
Urban Effect on Precipitation and Deep Convective Systems Over Dallas‐Fort Worth RGMA MSD Journal Article Zhou, Xin Cornell University
Global projections of heat exposure of older adults MSD Journal Article Falchetta, Giacomo Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change
High-resolution modelling identifies the Bering Strait’s role in amplified Arctic warming RGMA Journal Article Xu, Gaopeng Texas A&M University
Droplet collection efficiencies inferred from satellite retrievals constrain effective radiative forcing of aerosol–cloud interactions ESMD Journal Article Beall, Charlotte M. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Assessment of Storm‐Associated Precipitation and Its Extremes Using Observational Data Sets and Climate Model Short‐Range Hindcasts RGMA Journal Article Wu, Wen‐Ying Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Object-oriented analysis as a foundation for building climate storylines of compounding short-term drought and crop heat stress RGMA MSD Journal Article Fisel, B. J. Iowa State University
Impacts of spatial heterogeneity of anthropogenic aerosol emissions in a regionally refined global aerosol–climate model ESMD Journal Article Hassan, Taufiq Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
A Framework for Multisector Scenarios of Outcomes for Well‐Being and Resilience MSD Journal Article O’Neill, Brian C. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
What drives uncertainty surrounding riverine flood risks? MSD Journal Article Hosseini-Shakib, Iman The Pennsylvania State University
Surface and Atmospheric Heating Responses to Spectrally Resolved Albedo of Frozen and Liquid Water Surfaces ESMD Journal Article Tolento, Juan P. University of California Irvine
An overview of cloud–radiation denial experiments for the Energy Exascale Earth System Model version 1 RGMA Journal Article Harrop, Bryce E. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Global peak water limit of future groundwater withdrawals MSD Journal Article Niazi, Hassan Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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