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Publication Date Titlesort descending Publication Type Author(s) Institution
08/2012 Ocean Barrier Layers’ Effect on Tropical Cyclone Intensification Journal Article
02/2018 Opportunities for Joint Water–Energy Management: Sensitivity of the 2010 Western U.S. Electricity Grid Operations to Climate Oscillations Journal Article Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
01/2020 Parameterizing Perennial Bioenergy Crops in Version 5 of the Community Land Model Based on Site‐Level Observations in the Central Midwestern United States Journal Article Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
11/2017 Physical Understanding of the Tropical Cyclone Wind-Pressure Relationship Journal Article Purdue University
08/2019 Planning for sustained water-electricity resilience over the U.S.: Persistence of current water-electricity operations and long-term transformative plans Journal Article Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
08/2020 Power and Wind Shear Implications of Large Wind Turbine Scenarios in the US Central Plains Journal Article Cornell University
11/2018 Predictability of Extreme Precipitation in Western U.S. Watersheds Based on Atmospheric River Occurrence, Intensity, and Duration Journal Article Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
05/2019 Projected Changes in United States Regional Extreme Heat Days Derived From Bivariate Quantile Mapping of CMIP5 Simulations Journal Article Southern Illinois University
11/2018 Projecting Changes in Societally Impactful Northeastern U.S. Snowstorms Journal Article National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
04/2019 Projecting Global Urban Area Growth Through 2100 Based on Historical Time Series Data and Future Shared Socioeconomic Pathways Journal Article Iowa State University
12/2016 Quantifying impacts of heat waves on power grid operation Journal Article Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
01/2018 Quantifying the Effects of Historical Land Cover Conversion Uncertainty on Global Carbon and Climate Estimates Journal Article Environmental Sciences Division and Climate Change Science Institute
10/2017 Quantifying the Indirect Impacts of Climate on Agriculture: An Inter-Method Comparison Journal Article Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
04/2018 Quantitative Attribution of Climate Effects on Hurricane Harvey’s Extreme Rainfall in Texas Journal Article Utah State University
03/2020 Radar-Derived Precipitation Climatology for Wind Turbine Blade Leading Edge Erosion Journal Article Cornell University
09/2017 Recent Changes in U.S. Regional Heat Wave Characteristics in Observations and Reanalyses Journal Article Southern Illinois University
04/2018 Reconstruction of Global Gridded Monthly Sectoral Water Withdrawals for 1971–2010 and Analysis of Their Spatiotemporal Patterns Journal Article Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
08/2018 Regional Responses to Future, Demand-Driven Water Scarcity Journal Article Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
05/2019 Representation of U.S. Warm Temperature Extremes in Global Climate Model Ensembles Journal Article University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
11/2019 Representing Power Sector Detail and Flexibility in a Multi-Sector Model Journal Article Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
10/2018 Roles of SST Versus Internal Atmospheric Variability in Winter Extreme Precipitation Variability Along the U.S. West Coast Journal Article Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
03/2013 Scenarios of Global Municipal Water-use Demand Projections over the 21st Century Journal Article
04/2019 Seasonal and Interannual Patterns and Controls of Hydrological Fluxes in an Amazon Floodplain Lake With a Surface‐Subsurface Process Model Journal Article Pennsylvania State University
02/2013 Sensitivity of Climate Mitigation Strategies to Natural Disturbances Journal Article
06/2018 Sensitivity of Mountain Hydroclimate Simulations in Variable-Resolution CESM to Microphysics and Horizontal Resolution Journal Article Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
08/2012 Sensitivity of Multi-Gas Climate Policy to Emission Metrics Journal Article
03/2018 Sensitivity of Regulated Flow Regimes to Climate Change in the Western United States Journal Article Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
08/2019 Sensitivity of Western U.S. power system dynamics to droughts compounded with fuel price variability Journal Article
03/2020 Sensitivity of Wind Turbine Array Downstream Effects to the Parameterization Used in WRF Journal Article Cornell University
05/2015 Sensitivity to energy technology costs: A multi-model comparison analysis Journal Article Bocconi University