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Title Type Author(s) Institution Date
Modeling profiles of micrometeorological variables in a tropical premontane rainforest using multi‐layered CLM (CLM‐ml) ESMD Journal Article Song, Jaeyoung Texas A&M University
Teleconnections of the quasi‐biennial oscillation in a multi‐model ensemble of QBO‐resolving models RGMA Journal Article Anstey, James A. Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis
Attributable human-induced changes in the magnitude of flooding in the Houston, Texas region during Hurricane Harvey ESMD RGMA MSD Journal Article Wehner, Michael Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Initialized Earth System prediction from subseasonal to decadal timescales RGMA Journal Article Meehl, Gerald A. National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Metrics for evaluating tropical cyclones in climate data RGMA MSD Journal Article Zarzycki, Colin M. Pennsylvania State University
Improvements in Cloud and Water Vapor Simulations Over the Tropical Oceans in CMIP6 Compared to CMIP5 RGMA Journal Article Jiang, Jonathan H. California Institute of Technology (CalTech)
Improving Convection Trigger Functions in Deep Convective Parameterization Schemes Using Machine Learning ESMD Journal Article Zhang, Tao Brookhaven National Laboratory
Increased extreme rains intensify erosional nitrogen and phosphorus fluxes to the northern Gulf of Mexico in recent decades ESMD Journal Article Tan, Zeli Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Uncertainties in Atmospheric River Lifecycles by Detection Algorithms: Climatology and Variability RGMA Journal Article Zhou, Yang Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
A Global High‐Resolution Mesoscale Convective System Database Using Satellite‐Derived Cloud Tops, Surface Precipitation, and Tracking RGMA Journal Article Feng , Zhe Division of Atmospheric Sciences and Global Change Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Richland WA USA
Global vulnerability of crop yields to climate change MSD Journal Article Sue Wing, Ian Boston University
The Globally Coherent Pattern of Autumn Monsoon Precipitation RGMA Journal Article Ramesh, Nandini University of California - Berkeley
Greenland Surface Melt Dominated by Solar and Sensible Heating ESMD Journal Article Wang, Wenshan University of California - Irvine
Potential ecological impacts of climate intervention by reflecting sunlight to cool Earth RGMA Journal Article Zarnetske, Phoebe L. Michigan State University
Quantifying and attributing time step sensitivities in present-day climate simulations conducted with EAMv1 ESMD Journal Article Wan, Hui Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Future increases in Arctic lightning and fire risk for permafrost carbon RGMA Journal Article Chen, Yang University of California - Irvine
Global microphysical sensitivity of superparameterized precipitation extremes RGMA Journal Article Charn, Alexander B. University of California - Berkeley
Effect of Corporate Sustainability Policies and Investment Risks for Future Arctic Oil and Gas Development in Alaska MSD Journal Article Lee, Olivia University of Alaska Fairbanks
Extreme Events and Climate Change: A Multidisciplinary Approach RGMA Book Castillo, Federico University of California - Berkeley
Pooling Data Improves Multimodel IDF Estimates over Median-Based IDF Estimates: Analysis over the Susquehanna and Florida RGMA MSD Journal Article Srivastava, Abhishekh University of California - Davis
Small increases in agent-based model complexity can result in large increases in required calibration data MSD Journal Article Srikrishnan, Vivek Pennsylvania State University
A Scalable Semi‐Implicit Barotropic Mode Solver for the MPAS‐Ocean ESMD Journal Article Kang, Hyun-Gyu Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Market expectations of a warming climate MSD Journal Article Schlenker, Wolfram Columbia University
Intercomparison of MJO Column Moist Static Energy and Water Vapor Budget among Six Modern Reanalysis Products RGMA Journal Article Ren, Pengfei Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences - China
Climate Change Projection in the Twenty-First Century Simulated by NIMS-KMA CMIP6 Model Based on New GHGs Concentration Pathways RGMA Journal Article Sung, Hyun Min National Institute of Meteorological Sciences
Response of U.S. West Coast Mountain Snowpack to Local Sea Surface Temperature Perturbations: Insights from Numerical Modeling and Machine Learning RGMA MSD Journal Article Chen, Xiaodong Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Development and Evaluation of Chemistry‐Aerosol‐Climate Model CAM5‐Chem‐MAM7‐MOSAIC: Global Atmospheric Distribution and Radiative Effects of Nitrate Aerosol ESMD Journal Article Zaveri, Rahul A. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Shortened Duration of Global Warming Slowdowns with Elevated Greenhouse Gas Emissions RGMA Journal Article Gao, Feng Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences
On the Generation of Weddell Sea Polynyas in a High-Resolution Earth System Model RGMA Journal Article Kurtakoti , Prajvala Los Alamos National Laboratory
Natural variability contributes to model–satellite differences in tropical tropospheric warming RGMA Journal Article Po-Chedley, Stephen Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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