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Title Type Author(s) Institution Date
Enhanced Cloud Top Longwave Radiative Cooling Due To the Effect of Horizontal Radiative Transfer in the Stratocumulus to Trade Cumulus Transition Regime ESMD Journal Article Ren, Tong Texas A&M University
Subseasonal Clustering of Atmospheric Rivers Over the Western United States RGMA Journal Article Slinskey, Emily A. University of California - Los Angeles
Compound Continental Risk of Multiple Extreme Floods in the United States RGMA Journal Article Najibi, Nasser Cornell University
Responses in the Subpolar North Atlantic in Two Climate Model Sensitivity Experiments with Increased Stratospheric Aerosols RGMA Journal Article Li, Hui National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Patterns of Surface Warming Matter for Climate Sensitivity RGMA Journal Article Rugenstein, Maria Colorado State University
Revisiting a Constraint on Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity From a Last Millennium Perspective RGMA Journal Article Cropper, Stephen University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
Urban land patterns can moderate population exposures to climate extremes over the 21st century RGMA MSD Journal Article Gao, Jing University of Delaware
Mechanisms of tropical Pacific decadal variability RGMA Journal Article Capotondi, Antonietta University of Colorado - Boulder
The Role of Interactive Soil Moisture in Land Drying Under Anthropogenic Warming RGMA Journal Article Zhou, Wenyu Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Investigating Future Arctic Sea Ice Loss and Near‐Surface Wind Speed Changes Related to Surface Roughness Using the Community Earth System Model RGMA Journal Article DuVivier, Alice K. National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Real-time attribution of the influence of climate change on extreme weather events: a storyline case study of Hurricane Ian rainfall RGMA MSD Journal Article Reed, Kevin A Stony Brook University
A Refined Understanding of the Ice Cloud Longwave Scattering Effects in Climate Model ESMD Journal Article Fan, Chongxing University of Michigan
Arctic cyclones have become more intense and longer-lived over the past seven decades RGMA Journal Article Zhang, Xiangdong North Carolina State University
A Moist Potential Vorticity Model for Midlatitude Long-Lived Mesoscale Convective Systems over Land RGMA Journal Article Yang, Qiu Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Recreating the California New Year's Flood Event of 1997 in a Regionally Refined Earth System Model RGMA MSD Journal Article Rhoades, Alan M. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Use of Shallow Ice Core Measurements to Evaluate and Constrain 1980–1990 Global Reanalyses of Ice Sheet Precipitation Rates ESMD Journal Article Schneider, Adam Michael University of California - Irvine
Evaluating skill in predicting the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation in initialized decadal climate prediction hindcasts in E3SMv1 and CESM1 using two different initialization methods and a small set of start years RGMA Journal Article Meehl, Gerald A. National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
The Role of Bjerknes and Shortwave Feedbacks in the Tropical Pacific SST Response to Global Warming RGMA Journal Article Fu, Minmin Yale University
Persistent ocean anomalies as a response to Northern Hemisphere heating induced by biomass burning variability RGMA Journal Article Yamaguchi, Ryohei Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)
Assessing decadal variability of subseasonal forecasts of opportunity using explainable AI RGMA Journal Article Arcodia, Marybeth C Colorado State University
Climate Base State Influences on South Asian Monsoon Processes Derived From Analyses of E3SMv2 and CESM2 RGMA Journal Article Meehl, Gerald A. National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Investigation of Under‐Ice Phytoplankton Growth in the Fully‐Coupled, High‐Resolution Regional Arctic System Model RGMA Journal Article Clement Kinney, Jaclyn Naval Postgraduate School
Agricultural market integration preserves future global water resources MSD Journal Article Graham, Neal T. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
A need for actionable climate projections across the Global South RGMA Journal Article Mishra, Saroj K. Indian Institute of Technology
Typologies of actionable climate information and its use RGMA MSD Journal Article Jagannathan, Kripa Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
CIEL*Ch color map for visualization and analysis of sea ice motion ESMD Journal Article Upston, J. University of New Mexico
Connecting extreme weather events to climate change RGMA Journal Article Wehner, Michael Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Wind‐Associated Melt Trends and Contrasts Between the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets ESMD Journal Article Laffin, Matthew K. University of California - Irvine
Long-term change and geospatial patterns of river ice cover and navigability in Southcentral Alaska detected with remote sensing RGMA Journal Article Brown, Dana R. N. University of Alaska Fairbanks
Storylines for unprecedented heatwaves based on ensemble boosting RGMA Journal Article Fischer, E. M. ETH Zurich - Switzerland

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