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Project: The Role of Vegetation in Past and Future Global Hydroclimatic Change
Title Type Author(s) Institution Date
Global field observations of tree die-off reveal hotter-drought fingerprint for Earth’s forests ESMD RGMA Journal Article Hammond, William M. University of Florida
Rapid Growth of Large Forest Fires Drives the Exponential Response of Annual Forest-Fire Area to Aridity in the Western United States ESMD RGMA Journal Article Juang, C. S. Columbia University
Growing impact of wildfire on western US water supply ESMD RGMA Journal Article Williams, A. Park University of California - Los Angeles
Rapid intensification of the emerging southwestern North American megadrought in 2020–2021 ESMD RGMA Journal Article Williams, A. P. University of California - Los Angeles
Twenty-First Century Drought Projections in the CMIP6 Forcing Scenarios RGMA Journal Article Cook, Benjamin I. NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS)

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