26 December 2014

An Assessment of Global and Regional Sea Level in a Suite of Interannual CORE-II Hindcast Simulations: A Synopsis


There are a growing number of observation-based measures of sea level related patterns with the advent of the Argo floats (since the early 2000s) and satellite altimeters (since 1993). These measures provide a valuable means to evaluate aspects of global model simulations, such as the global ocean-sea ice simulations run as part of the interannual Coordinated Ocean-ice Reference Experiments (Griffies et al., 2009, Danabasoglu et al., 2013). In addition, these CORE-II simulations provide a means for evaluating the likely mechanisms causing sea level variations, particularly when models with different skill are compared against each other and observations. We have conducted an assessment of CORE-II simulations from 13 model configurations (Griffies et al., 2013), with a focus on their ability to capture observed trends in ocean heat content as well as the corresponding dynamic sea level over the period 1993-2007. The CORE-II simulations are designed primarily for studies of interannual variability (Doney et al., 2007, Large and Yeager, 2012). The atmospheric state of Large and Yeager (2009), used as part of the CORE-II air-sea flux calculations, contains interannual satellite-based radiation only after 1983. Over the 15 year period from 1993-2007, observed sea level variations have a large component due to natural variability e.g., Zhang and Church (2012), Meyssignac et al (2012). The CORE-II simulations thus provide a useful means to evaluate interannual variability in ocean-ice models against observations of sea level. 

Stephen M Griffies
Griffies, SM, J Yin, SC Bates, E Behrens, M Bentsen, D Bi, A Biastoch, C Boning, A Bozec, C Casou, E Chassignet, G Danabasoglu, S Danilov, C Domingues, H Drange, PJ Durack, R Farneti, E Fernandez, P Goddard, RJ Greatbatch, M Ilicak, J Lu, SJ Marsland, A Mishra, K Lorbacher, AG Nurser, D Salas y Melia, JB Palter, BL Samuels, J Schroter, FU Schwarzkopf, D Sidorenko, A Treguier, Y Tseng, H Tsujino, P Uotila, S Valcke, A Voldoire, Q Wang, M Winton, and X Zhang.  2013.  "An Assessment of Global and Regional Sea Level in a Suite of Interannual CORE-II Hindcast Simulations: A Synopsis."  Exchanges 18(2): 11-15.