17 April 2017

LIVVkit: An Extensible, Python-based, Land Ice Verification and Validation Toolkit for Ice Sheet Models

Land ice validation and verification toolkit (LIVVkit) to evaluate ice sheet models


The Land Ice Verification and Validation Toolkit provides a community tool to perform robust verification and validation of ice sheet models, both for stand-alone models and models coupled to an earth system model.


LIVVkit is the first verification and validation testing suite developed for ice sheet models that covers all four aspects of verifcation and validation and has a design focused on both building confidence in and enhancing the credibility of ice sheet models.


LIVVkit provides numerical verification, software verification, performance validation, and physical validation analyses on many platforms; from laptops to high-performance computing clusters. It is designed to be easily extensible by developers to new methods of analysis, models, and observations. It is intended to help developers build confidence in their models and enhance the credibility of ice sheet models overall. For those who would like to use the software, LIVVkit 2.0.0 was released August 2016 under an open source license at  https://github.com/LIVVkit/LIVVkit.


Joseph H. Kennedy
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)