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08 July 2014

Macromolecular Surfactants Alter Bubble and Global Ocean Interfacial Properties, Marine Aerosol Water Uptake and Kohler Curves


Los Alamos and PNNL team up in Environmental Research Letters to lay the groundwork for 2D Gibbs-Langmuir simulations of chemistry at the global sea-air interface. Marine dissolved organics are divided into biomacromolecular classes then given adsorption equilibria from experiments. Relative bubble and boundary coverages plus spray aerosol effects are estimated. Influences on gas transfer and organic aerosol chemistry vary strongly geographically.

Scott M Elliott
Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)
Elliott, SM, SM Burrows, CJ Deal, X Liu, M Long, OO Ogunro, LM Russell, and O Wingenter.  2014.  "Prospects for the Simulating Macromolecular Surfactant Chemistry at the Ocean-Atmosphere Boundary."  Environmental Research Letters 9(6).