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Publication Datesort descending Title Contact Institution
06/2020 As monsoons Begin, Researchers Warn of Increased Dangers Wang, Simon Utah State University
06/2020 Influences of North Pacific Ocean Domain Extent on the Western US Winter Hydroclimatology in Variable-Resolution CESM Rhoades, Alan Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
06/2020 MJO Propagation Across the Maritime Continent Gleckler, Peter J Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
06/2020 Disproving the Bodélé Depression as the Primary Source of Dust Fertilizing the Amazon Rainforest Yu, Yan Princeton University
06/2020 CMIP6 Models Predict Significant 21st Century Decline of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Weijer, Wilbert Los Alamos National Laboratory
06/2020 Assessing Past Trends in Atmospheric Vortices in Monsoon Regions Using an Optimized Algorithm and Global Dataset Boos, William R. University of California - Berkeley
06/2020 Estimating Changes in North Atlantic Tropical Cyclones Due to Climate Change Reed, Kevin Stony Brook University
06/2020 Observed Changes in Dry Season Water Availability Attributed to Human-Induced Climate Change Mao, Jiafu Oak Ridge National Laboratory
06/2020 Amplified Madden-Julian Oscillation impacts in Pacific-North America region Yang, Da Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
06/2020 Enriched East Asian Oxygen Isotope of Precipitation Indicates Reduced Summer Seasonality in Regional Climate and Westerlies Chiang, John University of California - Berkeley
07/2020 Comparison of North Atlantic Tropical Cyclones in Variable-Resolution Climate Models Reed, Kevin Stony Brook University
07/2020 Trans-Disciplinary Review of Deep Learning for Water Resources Scientists Shen, Chaopeng Pennsylvania State University
07/2020 Role of Tropical Variability in Driving Decadal Shifts in the Southern Hemisphere Summertime Eddy-Driven Jet Arblaster, Julie Monash University - Australia
07/2020 Aquaplanets as a Framework for Examination of Aerosol Effects Medeiros, Brian National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
07/2020 Understanding the Simulated Phase Partitioning of Arctic Single-Layer Mixed-Phase Clouds in E3SM Liu, Xiaohong Texas A&M University
07/2020 Human Influence on Joint Changes in Temperature, Rainfall and Continental Aridity Bonfils, Celine Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
07/2020 Seasonal Representation of Extreme Precipitation Indices Over the United States in CMIP6 Present-Day Simulations Akinsanola, Akintomide Afolayan University of Georgia
07/2020 Sunny Tropical Islands Contribute to Strengthening of Madden-Julian Oscillation Events Leung, L.Ruby Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
07/2020 Bayesian Inference for High-Dimensional Nonstationary Gaussian Processes Collins, William D. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
07/2020 On the Evolution of Climate Feedbacks and Implied Climate Sensitivity Over Time in Earth System Model Simulations Zelinka, Mark Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
07/2020 Observed Sensitivity of Low Cloud Radiative Effects to Meteorological Perturbations over the Global Oceans Myers, Timothy A. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
07/2020 International Analysis Narrows Range of Climate’s Sensitivity to CO2 Klein, Stephen Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
08/2020 New Global Maps of Soil Radiocarbon and Carbon Mean Age Indicate Turnover is Too Rapid in Models Shi, Zheng University of California - Irvine
08/2020 The Large-Scale Vorticity Balance of the Antarctic Continental Margin in a Fine-Resolution Global Simulation McClean, Julie Scripps Institution of Oceanography
08/2020 Global Evidence for the Acclimation of Ecosystem Photosynthesis to Light Keenan, Trevor Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
09/2020 Evaluation of Historical CMIP6 Model Simulations of Extreme Precipitation Over Contiguous US Regions Srivastava, Abhishekh University of California - Davis
09/2020 Uncertainty in Future Warming is Reduced by Combining Emergent Constraints Caldwell, Peter Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory