Research Highlights

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Publication Date Title Contact Institution
Many Forecast Errors Are Climate Errors Xie, Shaocheng
Bytes for Bits: Researchers Develop a New, Efficient Aerosol Module for Climate Models Liu, Xiahong
07/2012 Pollution Weakens Monsoon's Might: Local, Global Emissions Suppress South Asian Summer Rainfall Ganguly, Dilip
Younger Dryas Cooling and the Greenland Climate Response to CO2 Ganguly, Dilip
Illuminating the Processes Contributing to Cloud Feedback Ganguly, Dilip
A Novel Technique to Diagnose and Partition Cloud Feedbacks Ganguly, Dilip
Pollution + Storm Clouds = Warmer Atmosphere Ganguly, Dilip
Chemistry in CESM Ganguly, Dilip
Desert Dust Intensifies Summer Rainfall in U.S. Southwest Zhao, Chun
Sea Ice-Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction in the North Atlantic Marginal Ice Zone Zhao, Chun
04/2012 Evaluating Aerosol-Cloud Interaction: Scientists Show Climate Model Reasonably Simulates The Relationship Between Aerosol And Cloud Droplet Size Zhao, Chuanfeng
10/2011 The Future of Clean Air: Century-Scale Scenarios Connect Clean Air with Prosperity Smith, Steven J
Cutting Air Pollution Got Boost From Weather: Scientists Compared Emission Controls Versus Weather During Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Smith, Steven J
Predicting Arctic Sea Ice Loss: Scientists Put Climate Model Through Paces, Identify Shortcomings Smith, Steven J
Worldwide Water in the Balance: Tropical Clouds Hold Clues for the Global Water Cycle Smith, Steven J
11/2014 Regionalization of Subsurface Stormflow Parameters of Hydrologic Models: Derivation from Regional Analysis of Streamflow Recession Curves Ye, Sheng Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
11/2014 Regionalization of Subsurface Stormflow Parameters of Hydrologic Models: Up-scaling from physically based numerical simulations at hillslope scale
06/2014 Impact of Large-Scale Climate Extremes on Biospheric Carbon Fluxes Zscheischler, Jakob
10/2014 Direct Observations of Evolving Subglacial Drainage Beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet
08/2014 Cloud Catching Requires Persuasive Parameters Guo, Zhun
Use of Nudging for Aerosol–Climate Model Intercomparison Studies Guo, Zhun
10/2014 Evaluating Arctic Lower Tropospheric Stability in Climate Models Barton, Neil Patrick Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)
Stochastic Newton MCMC for an Inverse Ice Sheet Model Problem Petra, Noemi University of Texas at Austin
09/2014 More Haste, Less Waste Wan, H Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
09/2014 Efficient Characterization of Climate Model Sensitivity Wan, H Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
Improved Parallel Performance of the CICE Model in CESM1 Wan, H Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
08/2014 Analyzing the Sensitivity of Cloud Properties to CLUBB Parameters in the Single Column Community Atmosphere Model (SCAM5) Guo, Zhun
01/2014 Assessing Model Simulations of Deep Convection: A Novel Compositing Approach Zelinka, Mark Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)
Using Satellite Simulators and Observations to Evaluate Clouds, Aerosols, and their Interactions in Three Global Climate Models Ban-Weiss, George A
08/2014 Ice Nucleation and its Effect on the Atmospheric Transport of Fungal Spores Haga, D I University of British Columbia