Research Highlights

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Submission Date Title Author Institution
09/21/2016 Global Model Improved by Incorporating New Hypothesis for Vegetation Nutrient Limitation, Supported by Field Experiment Thornton, Peter E. Oak Ridge National Laboratory
09/21/2016 Human-Induced Greening of the Northern Extratropical Land Surface Mao, Jiafu Oak Ridge National Laboratory
09/21/2016 Phosphorus Feedbacks Constraining Tropical Ecosystem Responses to Changes in Atmospheric CO2 and Climate Yang, Xiaojuan Climate Change Science Institute
09/21/2016 Explicit Aqueous Phase Redox and pH Dynamics Added to the Converging Trophic Cascade (CTC) Decomposition Model Thornton, Peter E. Climate Change Science Institute
08/14/2017 Climate Mitigation from Vegetation Biophysical Feedbacks during the Past Three Decades Shi, Xiaoying Oak Ridge National Laboratory
10/13/2017 Lateral Processes Dominate Control of Water Available to Tropical Forests Leung, L. Ruby Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
12/08/2017 Predicting and Planning for Chronic Climate-Driven Disturbances Stover, Daniel DOE Terrestrial Ecosystem Science