Research Highlights

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Submission Date Title Author Institution
07/22/2016 ARM Azores observations help identify deficiencies in climate model simulations of low clouds Zheng, Xue Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
12/06/2016 Resolving the Unresolved: Improving a Statistical Representation of Vertical Structure of Subgrid Clouds Ovchinnikov, Mikhail Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
03/10/2017 Gone with the Wind: The Trans-Pacific Journey of Atmospheric Particles Kassianov, Evgueni Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
03/10/2017 Mixed-Phase Orographic Clouds: Pollution’s Influence to Precipitate Snow Fan, Jiwen Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
05/31/2017 To the Extreme: How Booming Cities Influence Climate Qian, Yun Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
06/22/2017 Review of Recent Advances in Understanding Secondary Organic Aerosol for Earth System Modeling Shrivastava, Manish Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
06/27/2017 Evaluating Climate Simulations against Aircraft Measurements Rasch, Phil Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
08/28/2017 A Newly Identified Cloud Oscillation in Atmospheric Model Simulations Klein, Stephen A. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
11/29/2017 Evaluating Land-Atmosphere Coupling in Model Simulations Phillips, Thomas Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
03/16/2018 On the Utility (or Futility) of Using Stable Water Isotopes to Constrain the Bulk Properties of Tropical Convection Romps, David M. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
04/03/2018 Cloud Characteristics, Thermodynamic Controls and Radiative Impacts During the Observations and Modeling of the Green Ocean Amazon (GoAmazon2014/5) Experiment Giangrande, Scott E. Brookhaven National Laboratory
04/03/2018 Substantial Convection and Precipitation Enhancements by Ultrafine Aerosol Particles Fan, Jiwen Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
04/04/2018 Growth Kinetics and Size Distribution Dynamics of Viscous Secondary Organic Aerosol , Rahul A. Zaveri Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
04/05/2018 A Stochastic Framework for Modeling the Population Dynamics of Convective Clouds Hagos, Samson Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
04/11/2018 CAUSES: On the Role of Surface Energy Budget Errors to the Warm Surface Air Temperature Error Over the Central United States Ma, Hsi-Yen Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
04/25/2018 CAUSES: Diagnosis of the Summertime Warm Bias in CMIP5 Climate Models at the ARM Southern Great Plains Site Zhang, Chengzhu Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
04/25/2018 CAUSES: Attribution of surface radiation biases in NWP and climate models near the US Southern Great Plains Ma, Hsi-Yen Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
04/25/2018 Introduction to CAUSES project: Description of weather and climate models and their near-surface temperature errors near the Southern Great Plains Ma, Hsi-Yen Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
05/08/2018 The Role of Convective Gustiness in Reducing Seasonal Precipitation Biases in the Tropical West Pacific Rasch, Philip Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
05/08/2018 Using the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Datasets to Evaluate Climate Models in Simulating Diurnal and Seasonal Variations of Tropical Clouds Wang, Hailong Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
09/05/2018 Tiny Processes in Clouds Drive Storm System Longevity over the Central United States Leung, L. Ruby Pacific Northwest National Laboratory