Research Highlights

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Publication Date Title Contact Institution
07/2018 Wind Gust Characterization at Wind Turbine Relevant Heights in Moderately Complex Terrain Pryor, S. C. Cornell University
02/2019 A Hierarchical Analysis of the Impact of Methodological Decisionson Statistical Downscaling of Daily Precipitation and Air Temperatures Pryor, Sara C. Cornell University
04/2017 A Simpler, Faster Way to Assess Environmental Impacts on Crop Yields Blanc, Elodie Massachusetts Institute of Technology
06/2017 Modeling Water Availability for Irrigation in the U.S. Blanc, Elodie Massachusetts Institute of Technology
04/2017 New Technique Improves Understanding of Changes in the Frequency of Heavy Precipitation Gao, Xiang Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Amazon Forest Responses to CO2 Fertilization Dependent on Plant Phosphorus Acquisition Fleischer, Katrin Technical University of Munich
10/2017 Recent Changes in United States Heat Wave Characteristics Derived From Multiple Reanalyses Pryor, S.C. Cornell University
02/2019 How Will a Warming Climate Influence Global Energy Demand? Wing, Ian Sue Boston University
04/2019 Future Climate Emulations Using Quantile Regressions on Large Ensembles Weyant, John Stanford University
05/2019 Representation of U.S. Warm Temperature Extremes in Global Climate Model Ensembles Weyant, John Stanford University
06/2018 Synthesis and Review: An Inter-Method Comparison of Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture Weyant, John Stanford University
05/2018 Climate Change, Migration, and Regional Economic Impacts in the United States Weyant, John Stanford University
05/2018 Evolution of Modeling of the Economics of Global Warming: Changes in the DICE Model, 1992-2017 Weyant, John Stanford University
09/2018 Estimating Changes in Temperature Distributions in a Large Ensemble of Climate Simulations Using Quantile Regression Weyant, John Stanford University
02/2018 Characterizing Uncertain Sea-Level Rise Projections to Support Investment Decisions Weyant, John Stanford University
04/2017 Adaptation Opportunities and Constraints in Coupled Systems: Evidence from the U.S. Energy-Water Nexus McManamay, Ryan A. Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
09/2017 Evaluating Penalized Logistic Regression Models to Predict Heat-Related, Environmentally Induced Electric Grid Stress? Kraucunas, Ian Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
01/2017 The Effects of Adaptation Measures on Hurricane Induced Infrastructure/Property Losses Weyant, John Stanford University
01/2017 Complex Dynamics and Urban Water Transitions in Sustainable Water Management Bhaduri, Budhendra Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
02/2017 Improving the Representation of the Statistical Properties of the Data-Model Discrepancies Can Increase the Upper Tail of Sea-Level Projections Weyant, John Stanford University
04/2017 Understand the Effects of Climate on Probable Maximum Precipitation and Flood Kao, Shih-Chieh Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
07/2017 How Well Do Global Gridded Crop Models (GGCMs) Replicate the Responsiveness of Historical US Yields to Weather? Weyant, John Stanford University
10/2017 Understanding Complexities in Sustainable Irrigation Water Withdrawals: Global Impacts on Food Production and Land Use Weyant, John Stanford University
05/2017 Kernels of Knowledge: How Land Use Decisions Affect Crop Productivity Huang, Maoyi Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
01/2019 The Effect of Internal Variability on Ocean Temperature Adjustment in a Low-Resolution CESM Initial Condition Ensemble Weyant, John Stanford University
07/2017 Analyzing the Effect of Ocean Internal Variability on Depth-Integrated Steric Sea-Level Rise Trends Using a Low-Resolution CESM Ensemble Weyant, John Stanford University
03/2017 Quantifying Non-Renewable Groundwater Return-Flow and Re-Use in Global Irrigation Weyant, John Stanford University
09/2017 Effects of Local Water Extraction and Reservoir Regulation on Drought in the United States Leung, L. Ruby Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
02/2018 Tethys Tackles Downscaling Challenge for Regional Water Withdrawals Hejazi, Mohamad Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
03/2018 Water Management Influences Long-Term Changes in River Flows Kraucunas, Ian Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)