Research Highlights

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Submission Date Title Authorsort descending Institution
01/09/2014 Representing Complex Consumer-Substrate Networks in Soil Biogeochemistry: Development for ESM Land Models with an Application to Litter Decomposition
01/14/2014 The Structure, Dynamics and Tropospheric Signature of the Polar Annular Mode
01/14/2014 Anomalous Temperature Regimes During the Cool Season: Long-Term Trends, Low-Frequency Mode Modulation, and Representation in CMIP5 Simulations
01/14/2014 Boreal Winter Low-Frequency Variability in CMIP5 Models
04/14/2015 Trading Off Climate Models’ Issues
04/14/2015 Tracking Down Time Missteps
03/25/2015 Parameterizing Deep Convection using the Assumed Probability Density Function Method
03/25/2015 Derivation of an Observation-Based Map of North African Dust Emission
03/25/2015 Understanding the El Nino-like Oceanic Response in the Tropical Pacific to Global Warming
04/30/2015 Beyond Boundaries: Remote Heat Rouses Hurricanes
01/15/2014 A Sensitivity Study of Radiative Fluxes at the Top of Atmosphere to Cloud-Microphysics and Aerosol Parameters in the Community Atmosphere Model CAM5
10/25/2014 Regionalization of Subsurface Stormflow Parameters of Hydrologic Models: Up-scaling from physically based numerical simulations at hillslope scale
02/14/2014 The Dependence of ITCZ Structure on Model Resolution and Dynamical Core in Aqua-Planet Simulations
10/08/2015 Disappearance of the Southeast U.S. "Warming Hole" with the Late 1990s Transition of the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation
03/05/2014 Can Data Mining Help Constrain Climate Sensitivity?
02/14/2014 Effect of Uncertainty in the Surface Mass Balance-Elevation Feedback on Projections of the Future Sea Level Rise from the Greenland Ice Sheet
06/08/2015 A Comparative Analysis of the Impacts of Climate Change and Irrigation on Land Surface and Subsurface Hydrology in the North China Plain
05/08/2015 Projected Changes in Mean and Interannual Variability of Surface Water over Continental China
05/19/2015 Global Transformation and Fate of SOA: Implications of Low Volatility SOA and Gas-Phase Fragmentation Reactions
05/19/2015 Exploring a Multi-resolution Approach Using AMIP Simulations
03/25/2015 Long-term Trend and Sources of Carbonaceous Particles Measured in a Southeastern Tibetan Glacier
03/25/2015 A Multi-scale Modelling Framework Model (Superparameterized CAM5) with a Higher-Order Turbulence Closure: Model Description and Low-Cloud Simulations
01/21/2015 Water Balance in the Amazon Basin from a Land Surface Model Ensemble
01/29/2015 Aerosol Indirect Effect on the Grid-Scale Clouds in the Two-Way Coupled WRF–CMAQ
02/20/2015 Towards Quantifying the Increasing Role of Oceanic Heat in Sea Ice Loss in the New Arctic
08/29/2013 Dynamic Ice Sheets in the Community Earth System Model
01/21/2015 Sources and Composition of Submicron Organic Mass in Marine Aerosol Particles
11/24/2015 A Unified Convection Scheme UNICON Part II
10/14/2014 Direct Observations of Evolving Subglacial Drainage Beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet
11/19/2014 The AeroCom Evaluation and Intercomparison of Organic Aerosol in Global Models