Research Highlights

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Submission Date Title Authorsort descending Institution
10/08/2015 Positive Tropical Marine Low-Cloud Cover Feedback Inferred from Cloud-Controlling Factors
10/08/2015 Past and Future Sea-Level Rise Along the Coast of North Carolina
08/29/2013 Dynamic Ice Sheets in the Community Earth System Model
09/16/2013 New Internationally Coordinated Climate Model Experiments Underway
10/21/2013 Independent Confirmation of Global Land Warming Without the Use of Station Temperatures
10/08/2015 Less Reliable Water Availability in the 21st Century Projected Climate
10/08/2015 Effects of the Bering Strait Closure on AMOC and Global Climate Under Different Background Climates
10/08/2015 Sensitivity of Regional Climate to Global Temperature and Forcing
10/08/2015 Permafrost Thaw and Resulting Soil Moisture Changes Regulate Projected High-Latitude CO2 and CH4
10/08/2015 The Community Earth System Model (CESM) Large Ensemble Project: A Community Resource for Studying Climate Change in the Presence of Internal Climate Variability
10/08/2015 Future Population Exposure to U.S. Heat
10/08/2015 Impact of Solar Panels on Global Climate
11/01/2013 Updated High-resolution Monthly Grids of Monthly Climatic Observations: The CRU TS 3.10 Data Set
11/01/2013 How Well Does ERA-Interim Reanalysis Replicate Trends in Extremes of Surface Temperature Across Europe
01/14/2014 The Structure, Dynamics and Tropospheric Signature of the Polar Annular Mode
01/09/2014 Representing Complex Consumer-Substrate Networks in Soil Biogeochemistry: Development for ESM Land Models with an Application to Litter Decomposition
01/14/2014 Anomalous Temperature Regimes During the Cool Season: Long-Term Trends, Low-Frequency Mode Modulation, and Representation in CMIP5 Simulations
01/14/2014 Boreal Winter Low-Frequency Variability in CMIP5 Models
11/24/2015 Ocean Mediation of Tropospheric Response to Reflecting and Absorbing Aerosols
11/24/2015 Impact of Ocean Coupling Strategy on Extremes in High-Resolution Atmospheric Simulations
11/24/2015 Early 20th Century Global Warming Linked to Tropical Pacific Wind Strength
11/06/2013 Marine Low Cloud Cover is Likely to Decrease in the 21st Century
11/01/2013 On Increasing Global Temperatures: 75 Years After Callendar
11/24/2015 The Role of the PMOC in Modulating the Deglacialshift of the ITCZ
11/24/2015 Impact of the Dynamical Core on the Direct Simulation of Tropical Cyclones in a High-Resolution Global Model
11/24/2015 Improved Pattern Scaling Approaches for the Use in Climate Impact Studies
10/08/2015 Improving the Representation of Hydrologic Processes in Earth System Models
10/08/2015 Climate Change and the Permafrost Carbon Feedback
10/14/2014 Direct Observations of Evolving Subglacial Drainage Beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet
03/23/2015 Soot and Dust: A Better Picture of the Impact on Snow