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Submission Date Title Author Institutionsort descending
12/26/2014 Mixed-Phase Clouds Cause Climate Model Biases in Arctic Wintertime Temperature Inversions Pithan, F.
12/26/2014 Mitigation of Short-lived Climate Pollutants Slows 21st Century Sea-Level Rise Hu, A.
12/26/2014 Long-Term Ozone Changes and Associated Climate Impacts in CMIP5 Simulations Eyring, V.
12/26/2014 On the Estimation of Systematic Error in Regression-Based Predictions of Climate Sensitivity Sanderson, B. M.
12/26/2014 Southeast Pacific Stratocumulus in the Community Atmosphere Model Medeiros, B.
12/26/2014 Steric Sea Level in CORE-Forced Simulations Griffies, Stephen M and co-authors
12/26/2014 The Stability of an Evolving Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Liu, W.
12/26/2014 Last Millennium Climate and its Variability in CCSM4 Landrum, L.
12/26/2014 Influence of Continental Ice Retreat on Future Global Climate Hu, A
12/26/2014 Dependence of APE Simulations on Vertical Resolution with the Community Atmospheric Model, Version 3 Willamson, D. L.
12/26/2014 Climate Models Without Pre-Industrial Volcanic Forcing Underestimate Historical Ocean Thermal Expansion [nid:2799] Gregory, J.M.
12/26/2014 The Effect of Time Steps and Time-Scales on Parameterization Suites Williamson, D. L.
12/26/2014 Energy Consumption and the Unexplained Winter Warming Over Northern Asia and North America Zhang, G J
12/26/2014 Identifying Human Influences on Atmospheric Temperature Santer, B. D.
12/26/2014 Exposing Global Cloud Biases in the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) Using Satellite Observations and Their Corresponding Instrument Simulators Kay, J. E.
12/26/2014 The Transpose-AMIP II Experiment and its Application to the Understanding of Southern Ocean Cloud Biases in Climate Models Williams, K. D.
12/26/2014 Variations of CCSM3 Feedbacks with CO2 Forcing Jonko, A. K.
03/25/2015 A Multi-scale Modelling Framework Model (Superparameterized CAM5) with a Higher-Order Turbulence Closure: Model Description and Low-Cloud Simulations
03/25/2015 Improving Representation of Convective Transport for Scale-Aware Parameterization, Part II: Analysis of Cloud-Resolving Model Simulations
03/23/2015 Environmental Research Letters - Highlights of 2014 Lobell, D B
03/25/2015 Long-term Trend and Sources of Carbonaceous Particles Measured in a Southeastern Tibetan Glacier
03/25/2015 Parameterizing Deep Convection using the Assumed Probability Density Function Method
03/25/2015 Understanding the El Nino-like Oceanic Response in the Tropical Pacific to Global Warming
03/25/2015 Derivation of an Observation-Based Map of North African Dust Emission
03/23/2015 Soot and Dust: A Better Picture of the Impact on Snow
03/23/2015 The Influence of Sea Salt Variability on Clouds
12/26/2014 Probability of US Heat Waves Affected by a Subseasonal Planetary Wave Pattern Teng, H
12/26/2014 Winter Weather Patterns Over Northern Eurasia and Arctic Sea Ice Loss Wu, B.
01/21/2015 Sources and Composition of Submicron Organic Mass in Marine Aerosol Particles
01/21/2015 Water Balance in the Amazon Basin from a Land Surface Model Ensemble