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10/08/2015 Sensitivity of Regional Climate to Global Temperature and Forcing
11/24/2015 The Behavior of Trade-Wind Cloudiness in Observations and Models: The major cloud components and their variability
11/24/2015 Twenty-Five Years of Interdisciplinary Global Change Science meehl, Gerald
11/24/2015 Decadal Climate Variability and the Early-2000s Hiatus Meehl, Gerald
12/17/2014 Increasing Greenhouse Gases Linked to Rains over Africa During the African Humid Period Otto-Bliesner, Bette L
11/24/2015 Marine Macromolecules: Planetary Scale 2D Chemistry Elliott, Scott
06/08/2015 A Comparative Analysis of the Impacts of Climate Change and Irrigation on Land Surface and Subsurface Hydrology in the North China Plain
11/24/2015 The Role of the PMOC in Modulating the Deglacialshift of the ITCZ
10/30/2015 Natural and Human Influences on Changing Zonal-Mean Precipitation Bonfils, Celine
10/30/2015 Do Responses to Different Anthropogenic Forcings Add Linearly in Climate Models? Marvel, Kate
11/12/2015 Diagnosing Ocean Mixing via Lagrangian Particle Tracking (LIGHT) Wolfram, Phillip J.
11/12/2015 Why do Climate Models Disagree? Caldwell, Peter M.
11/19/2014 The AeroCom Evaluation and Intercomparison of Organic Aerosol in Global Models
05/19/2015 Exploring a Multi-resolution Approach Using AMIP Simulations
05/19/2015 Global Transformation and Fate of SOA: Implications of Low Volatility SOA and Gas-Phase Fragmentation Reactions
11/24/2015 Improved Pattern Scaling Approaches for the Use in Climate Impact Studies
02/20/2015 Towards Quantifying the Increasing Role of Oceanic Heat in Sea Ice Loss in the New Arctic
12/26/2014 An Evaluation of Experimental Decadal Predictions Using CCSM4 Karspeck, A
12/26/2014 Effects of the Bering Strait Closure on AMOC and Global Climate Under Different Background Climates
12/26/2014 Getting Caught with Our Plants Down: The risks of a global crop yield slowdown from climate trends in the next two decades Lobell, D B
11/24/2015 Energy Considerations in the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM)
12/26/2014 CMIP5 Climate Model Analyses: Climate extremes in the United States Wuebbles, D
12/26/2014 Intensification of Decadal and Multi-Decadal Sea Level Variability in the Western Tropical Pacific during Recent Decades Han, W.
11/24/2015 Impact of the Dynamical Core on the Direct Simulation of Tropical Cyclones in a High-Resolution Global Model
11/24/2015 How Sensitive are the Pacific-North Atlantic Teleconnections to the Position and Intensity of El Nino Related Warming Meehl, Gerald
12/26/2014 Is AMOC more predictable than North Atlantic heat content? Branstator, G
12/26/2014 An Assessment of Global and Regional Sea Level in a Suite of Interannual CORE-II Hindcast Simulations: A Synopsis Griffies, Stephen M
12/26/2014 Assessing A Dry Surface Layer-based Soil Resistance Parameterization for the Community Land Model using GRACE and FLUXNET-MTE Data [nid:3046] Swenson, S C
11/17/2014 Evidence that relationship between low-level cloud reflectivity and temperature in the current climate can predict the climate change response Gordon, Neil D
11/24/2015 Global Radiative-Convective Equilibrium in the Community Atmosphere Model 5