Research Highlights

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Submission Datesort ascending Title Author Institution
10/07/2014 Use of Nudging for Aerosol–Climate Model Intercomparison Studies Guo, Zhun
10/07/2014 Evaluating Arctic Lower Tropospheric Stability in Climate Models Barton, Neil Patrick Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
09/30/2014 Stochastic Newton MCMC for an Inverse Ice Sheet Model Problem Petra, Noemi The University of Texas at Austin
09/25/2014 More Haste, Less Waste Wan, H Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
09/25/2014 Efficient Characterization of Climate Model Sensitivity Wan, H Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
09/25/2014 Improved Parallel Performance of the CICE Model in CESM1 Wan, H Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
09/19/2014 Analyzing the Sensitivity of Cloud Properties to CLUBB Parameters in the Single Column Community Atmosphere Model (SCAM5) Guo, Zhun
09/19/2014 Assessing Model Simulations of Deep Convection: A Novel Compositing Approach Zarzycki, Colin M University of Michigan
09/19/2014 Using Satellite Simulators and Observations to Evaluate Clouds, Aerosols, and their Interactions in Three Global Climate Models Ban-Weiss, George A
09/04/2014 Ice Nucleation and its Effect on the Atmospheric Transport of Fungal Spores Haga, D I University of British Columbia
09/04/2014 A Fresh Look at Air Quality Extremes - From a Climate Perspective Haga, D I University of British Columbia
08/29/2014 Climate Simulations and Projections with the Super-Parameterized CCSM4 Stan, Cristiana George Mason University
08/29/2014 Climate Response to the Mitigation Scenario RCP8.5 Simulated by SP-CCSM4 and CCSM4 Zhu, Xiaojie Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies
08/26/2014 Optimal Initial Conditions for Coupling Ice Sheet Models to Earth System Models
08/26/2014 The Role of Moist Processes in the Intrinsic Predictability of Indian Ocean Cyclones
08/26/2014 Sea Ice Volume and Age: Sensitivity to physical parameterizations and thickness resolution in the CICE sea ice model
08/25/2014 Improving the Representation of Dual-Phase Diffusion for Land Biogeochemical Modeling in Earth System Models Tang, J Y
08/25/2014 A Fast New Method for Statistically Characterizing High-Resolution Geophysical Fields O'Brien, T A
08/14/2014 The Pattern of Anthropogenic Signal Emergence in Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Balance
08/01/2014 Detailing Aerosol-Cloud-Radiation Interactions using Simple Diagnostics Zelinka, Mark D. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
07/28/2014 Comparing 16 Years of Cloud Fraction and Cloud Albedo from Surface-Based Shortwave Radiation Measurements Xie, Yu
07/28/2014 Parameterization of Basal Friction Near Grounding Lines in a One-Dimensional Ice Sheet Model
07/10/2014 Dust Increases Low Cloud Cover DeFlorio, Michael J University of California San Diego
07/08/2014 Observed Holiday Aerosol Reduction and Temperature Cooling over East Asia
07/08/2014 Macromolecular Surfactants Alter Bubble and Global Ocean Interfacial Properties, Marine Aerosol Water Uptake and Kohler Curves Elliott, Scott M Los Alamos National Laboratory
06/26/2014 A Technique for Generating Consistent Ice Sheet Initial Conditions for Coupled Ice Sheet/Climate Models
06/26/2014 Global Aerosol Microphysics Models Put to the Test Mann, G W University of Leeds - UK
06/26/2014 Bubble Chemistry at the Ocean-Atmosphere Boundary Elliott, Scott M Los Alamos National Laboratory
06/26/2014 Increase in the Intensity of Post-monsoon Bay of Bengal Tropical Cyclones Balaguru, Kathik Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
06/16/2014 Global Terrestrial Gross Primary Production to Hydrologic States Simulated by the Community Land Model using Two Runoff Parameterizations Lei, Huimin Tsinghua University