Research Highlights

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Submission Datesort ascending Title Author Institution
11/12/2015 Representing Northern Peatland Microtopography and Hydrology within the Community Land Model Thornton, Peter Oak Ridge National Laboratory
11/12/2015 Why do Climate Models Disagree? Caldwell, Peter M.
11/12/2015 Higher climate sensitiviity is linked to a shallower tropical low clouds Brient, Florent Department of Earth Sciences
11/12/2015 Diagnosing Ocean Mixing via Lagrangian Particle Tracking (LIGHT) Wolfram, Phillip J.
11/12/2015 Sizing Up Cyclones Balaguru, Karthik Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
11/12/2015 Understanding the Indian Ocean Response to Double CO2 Forcing in a Coupled Model Leung, L. Ruby University of California San Diego
11/12/2015 Dynamical Convergence on the Jet Stream in Aquaplanet AGCMs Leung, L. Ruby Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
10/30/2015 Natural and Human Influences on Changing Zonal-Mean Precipitation Bonfils, Celine
10/30/2015 Identifying the Human Fingerprint in Observed Cloud Trends Marvel, Kate NASA GISS
10/30/2015 Do Responses to Different Anthropogenic Forcings Add Linearly in Climate Models? Marvel, Kate
10/08/2015 Land Ice Verification and Validation (LIVV) Toolkit 1.0 Software Release Evans, Kate
10/08/2015 Positive Tropical Marine Low-Cloud Cover Feedback Inferred from Cloud-Controlling Factors
10/08/2015 Past and Future Sea-Level Rise Along the Coast of North Carolina
10/08/2015 Less Reliable Water Availability in the 21st Century Projected Climate
10/08/2015 Effects of the Bering Strait Closure on AMOC and Global Climate Under Different Background Climates
10/08/2015 Impact of Solar Panels on Global Climate
10/08/2015 Future Population Exposure to U.S. Heat
10/08/2015 The Community Earth System Model (CESM) Large Ensemble Project: A Community Resource for Studying Climate Change in the Presence of Internal Climate Variability
10/08/2015 Sensitivity of Regional Climate to Global Temperature and Forcing
10/08/2015 Permafrost Thaw and Resulting Soil Moisture Changes Regulate Projected High-Latitude CO2 and CH4
10/08/2015 Improving the Representation of Hydrologic Processes in Earth System Models
10/08/2015 Climate Change and the Permafrost Carbon Feedback
10/08/2015 Effects of Excess Ground Ice on Projections of Permafrost in a Warming Climate
10/08/2015 Regional Precipitation Simulations for the Mid-1970s Shift and Early-2000s Hiatus
10/08/2015 Disappearance of the Southeast U.S. "Warming Hole" with the Late 1990s Transition of the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation
09/25/2015 Mixed-Phase Cloud Physics and Southern Ocean Cloud Feedback in Climate Models McCoy, Daniel
09/14/2015 CESM1(BGC) Historical Carbon Cycle Characterized Hoffman, Forrest M. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
09/14/2015 Observations in Tundra Imply Needed Improvements in Land Models Bouskill, Nicholas J. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
09/14/2015 Quantifying Drivers of Carbon Dioxide Interannual Variability Keppel-Aleks, Gretchen University of Michigan
09/14/2015 Jinyun Tang Wins Outstanding Publication Award from the Ecological Society of America Tang, Jinyun