American Meteorological Society 2013 Annual Meeting

Sunday, January 6, 2013 - 16:00 to Thursday, January 10, 2013 - 16:00
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DOE's Climate and Environmental Sciences Division will be holding two town hall meetings at the 93rd AMS Annual Meeting, held in Austin, Texas. The first town hall, DOE Priorities on Community Modeling and Long-Term Predictions of the Integrated Water Cycle, will be held 12:15-1:15 PM on Monday, January 7, 2013 in Room 14. DOE’s Investment Strategy for Human and Societal Dimensions of Global Change will be the second town hall, held 12:15-1:15 PM Tuesday, January 8, 2013 in Room 12A.

With an attendance of over 3,000 scientists, professors and students, the AMS annual meeting is a chance to learn from and collaborate with other professionals. Within the main conference are several smaller annual conferences and symposia based on specific themes or such as extreme weather, climate modeling, ecological disasters, and advancements in environmental awareness and knowledge. The full meeting program is now available. For more information, visit the conference website.



CESD Hosts Two Town Halls Meetings at AMS

Monday, January 7

Presentation Type Session ID and Presentation Title Presenters Time and Location
Town Hall DOE Priorities on Community Modeling and Long-Term Predictions of the Integrated Water Cycle For additional information, please contact Renu Joseph (e-mail: 12:15-1:15 PM, Room 14
Oral 1B.1 Is Global Warming significantly affecting atmospheric circulation extremes? Prashant D. Sardeshmukh, G. P. Compo, C. Penland, and C. McColl 11:00 AM, Ballroom C
Co-Convener Session Fifth Symposium on Aerosol-Cloud-Climate Interactions Chairs:  Xiaohong Liu, PNNL
Co-chairs:  Paul J. DeMott, Colorado State University
11:00 AM-12:00 PM, Room 5ABC
Oral 1.4 Assessing aerosol indirect effect on ice clouds in CAM5: the role of updraft velocity and ice nuclei spectra Kai Zhang, X. Liu, J. H. Yoon, M. Wang, and J. M. Comstock 11:45 AM, Room 5ABC
Oral 2A.2 A new flexible hydrological framework for land surface modeling in regional and global climate studies Pieter Hazenberg, P. Broxton, D. Gochis, G. Y. Niu, J. Pelletier, P. Troch, and X. Zeng 1:45 PM, Ballroom B
Oral TJ6.4 Investigation of the impacts of Asian pollution on Pacific storm track using multi-scale modeling results Yuan Wang, M. Wang, S. J. Ghan, and R. Zhang 2:15 PM, Room 5ABC
Oral 3B.3 The role of vertical structure of meridional wind in the intensification of Atlantic Hurricanes Sourav Taraphdar, L. Y. R. Leung and S. Hagos 4:30 PM, Ballroom C
Oral TJ7.3 CWRF Application for U.S. Drought Forecasts Xin-Zhong Liang, L. Chen and S. Su 4:30 PM, Room 10B
Oral 2.2 UV-CDAT Re-sharable Analyses and Diagnostics (U-ReAD): a framework to create and share UV-CDAT plugins Charles Doutriaux, A. Chaudhary, H. Krishnan, K. Marvel, T. P. Maxwell, J. Painter, G. L. Potter, and D. Williams 4:30 PM, Room 12B
Oral 3B.5 The Impact of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation and Atlantic Meridional Mode on Seasonal Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Activity Christina M. Patricola, R. Saravanan and P. Chang 5:00 PM, Ballroom C
Poster Sessions
Poster 26 How well is the physics of intense rainfall events in the Sahel captured by a regional climate? Julien Crétat, K. H. Cook and E. K. Vizy 2:30 PM, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 445 Retrieval of Non-spherical Dust Aerosol from PARASOL Xin Huang, P. Yang, G. W. Kattawar, and K. N. Liou 2:30 PM, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 108 Assessing regional behavior of extreme value statistics from NARCCAP David B. Mechem, N. A. Brunsell 2:30 PM, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 424 Long term coastal ocean forecasting Gregg A. Jacobs, NRL, F. Aikman, D. Anderson, N. Banas, F. O. Bryan, R. Chant, E. Curchitser, S. DiMarco, J. P. Dunne, K. Fennel, M. A. M. Friedrichs, J. Harding, R. He, A. Lewitus, D. McGillicuddy, and O. Schofield 2:30 PM, Exhibit Hall 3

Tuesday, January 8

Presentation Type Session ID and Presentation Title Presenters Time and Location
Town Hall DOE's Investment Strategy for Human and Societal Dimensions of Global Change For additional information, please contact Bob Vallario (e-mail: 12:15-1:15 PM, Room 12A
Co-Convener Session Fifth Symposium on Aerosol-Cloud-Climate Interactions Chairs:  Jian Wang, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Co-chairs:  Xiaohong Liu, PNNL
 8:30 AM-9:30 AM, Room 5ABC
Oral 4.1 Capturing the Atlantic cold tongue and coastal upwelling in a coupled atmosphere/ocean regional model Edward Vizy and K. H. Cook 8:30 AM  Ballroom B
Oral TJ15.1 Uncertainties in Regional Simulations of the U.S. Climate in the 20th and 21st Centuries Kenneth E. Kunkel, L. E. Stevens and J. G. Dobson 8:30 AM, Ballroom C
Oral 4.2A A Review of Global Terrestrial Evapotranspiration: Observation, Modeling, Climatology, and Climatic Variability Kaicun Wang, R. E. Dickinson 8:45 AM, Ballroom B
Oral TJ15.2 Determining Land-Atmosphere Coupling Trends in a Changing Climate from Multi-Model Ensembles Paul A. Dirmeyer, Y. Jin, B. Singh, and X. Yan 8:45 AM, Ballroom C
Oral J2.5 Impact of climate change on mid-21st century growing seasons in Africa Kerry H. Cook and E. Vizy 9:15 AM, Room 6B
Oral 2.4 Simulations of Global Impact of Dust Speciation on Mixed-Phase Clouds Through Ice Nucleation Xiaohong Liu, Y. Wang, S. Ghan, N. Mahowald, and R. Scanza 9:15 AM, Room 5ABC
Oral TJ14.5 Assessment of uncertainties on the impact of climate change on water resources management using an integrated Earth System Model: application over the Snake River Basin Nathalie Voisin, M. Huang, H. Li, R. Leung, and M. Wigmosta 9:30 AM, Room 10A
Oral 3.2 Aerosol Indirect Effects on Circulation and Radiative Forcing through Deep Convection Clouds: Long-time Effects Jiwen Fan, L. Y. R. Leung, D. Rosenfeld, Z. Li, and Q. Chen 11:15 AM, Room 5ABC
Oral 5A.3 Independent Confirmation of Global Land Warming without the Use of Station Temperatures Gilbert P. Compo, P. D. Sardeshmukh, J. S. Whitaker, P. Brohan, P. D. Jones, and C. McColl 11:30 AM, Ballroom B
Oral 5B.4 North Tropical Atlantic SST as a Trigger of El Niño Jong-Seong Kug, Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, Ansan, South Korea; and Y. Ham, J. Park, and F. F. Jin 11:45 AM, Ballroom C
Oral 6A.4 Development of a Global 0.5-degree Hourly Land Surface Air
Temperature Data Based on the CRU in situ and Multi-reanalysis Products
Aihui Wang and X. Zeng 2:15 PM, Ballroom B
Oral, Invited 4B.2 The International Land Model Benchmarking Project (ILAMB)  Forrest M. Hoffman, J. T. Randerson, D. M. Lawrence, E. M. Blythe, and M. Mu 3:45 PM, Room 10A
Oral 4.3 Suomi NPP/JPSS Cross-track Infrared Sounder (CrIS): Radiometric and Spectral Performance Henry. E. Revercomb, D. C. Tobin, R. O. Knuteson, J. K. Taylor, D. Deslover, L. Borg, G. Martin, and G. Quinn 4:00 PM, Ballroom G
Oral TJ27.3 Arctic Sea Ice Predictability Beyond the Seasonal Scale Philip W. Jones, LANL, Los Alamos, NM; and C. M. Bitz, E. P. Chassignet, M. M. Holland, E. C. Hunke, W. Maslowski, and P. Posey 4:00 PM, Room 6A
Oral 6.4 Interacting with weather radar data using Python Scott Collis, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL; and S. E. Giangrande and K. North 4:15 PM, Room 12B
Oral 4.4 Investigation of aerosol indirect effects on regional climate using a cumulus microphysics parameterization Kyo-Sun Sunny Lim, J. Fan, R. Leung, P. L. Ma, B. Singh, and G. Zhang 4:45 PM, Room 5ABC
Oral 4.5 Effects of Natural Dust and Sulfate on Atmospheric Circulation and Radiation in CESM 1.0: Comparison of Prescribed v. Interactive Emissions Schemes Michael J. DeFlorio, S. J. Ghan, B. Singh, A. J. Miller, D. R. Cayan, L. M. Russell, and D. J. Erickson III 5:00 PM, Room 5ABC
Oral 4B.8 Evaluation of Advanced Land Surface Models in the NLDAS Testbed Xitian Cai, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX; and Y. Xia, Z. L. Yang, M. Huang, H. Wei, and M. Ek 5:15 PM, Room 10A
Poster Sessions
Poster 140 Projected Changes in Heavy Precipitation over North America in CMIP5 Climate Model Simulations Anthony M. DeAngelis, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ; and A. J. Broccoli 9:45 AM, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 143 The Role of Atmospheric Rivers in Linking Weather Extremes: East Asian Cold Surge and High Impact Precipitation over the West Coast U.S. Tianyu Jiang, Y. Deng and K. J. Evans 9:45 AM, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 136 Extreme Temperature Regimes in the United States: Long-term Trends and Low Frequency Mode Modulation in Observations and CMIP5 Models Rebecca Westby, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA; and Y. Y. Lee and R. X. Black 9:45 AM, Exhibit Hall 3

Wednesday, January 9

Presentation Type Session ID and Presentation Title Presenters Time and Location
Oral 2.2 Aura satellite ozone measurements and chemistry modeling: large scale circulation signature Qi Tang and M. J. Prather 8:45 AM, Room 16A
  2.4 Effects of Changes in Climate and Emissions on Future Particulate Matter Levels and Composition in the United States Hang Lei, J. Wang, D. J. Wuebbles, and X. Z. Liang 9:15 AM, Room 16A
Oral 8.5 The Seasonal Cycle of Polar Specific Humidity Inversions in Four
Michael A. Brunke, S. T. Stegall and X. Zeng 9:30 AM, Ballroom B
Oral 1.4 Assessing the Ability of Variable-Resolution General Circulation Models to Forecast Tropical   Colin M. Zarzycki, C. Jablonowski and M. A. Taylor 9:30 AM, Ballroom F
Oral 9.6 Initial Transient Response of the Polar Stratospheric Vortex to Idealized Equatorial Pacific Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies in WACCM Bradley M. Hegyi, and Y. Deng, R. X. Black, and R. Zhou 11:45 AM, Ballroom B
Oral 3.2 The Data Assimilation Research Testbed: A Community Facility for Ensemble Data Assimilation Jeffrey Anderson, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and T. Hoar, K. Raeder, N. Collins, G. Romine, H. Liu, P. H. Lauritzen, J. Kay, C. Snyder, A. Karspeck, and S. Yeager 2:00 PM, Ballroom F
Oral J4.1 Effective Use of Regional Models for Climate Prediction Kerry H. Cook 4:00 PM, Room 10B
Oral J4.3 Land use change and Sahel precipitation Samson M. Hagos, L. R. Leung, Y. Xue, A. A. Boone, and N. Neupane 4:30 PM, Room 10B
Oral 11A.4 The Influence of Recurrent Modes of Climate Variability on the Occurrence of Extreme Temperatures over North America Paul C. Loikith and A. J. Broccoli 4:45 PM, Ballroom B
Poster Sessions
Poster 755 Assessing the Variability of Cloud Droplet Sensitivity to Aerosols in Height and Time Shannon L. Capps, V. A. Karydis, D. K. Henze, A. G. Russell, and A. Nenes 2:30 PM, Exhibit Hall 3


765 A Novel, Efficient Approach to Investigating Sensitivities of Ice Crystal Concentration: Development and Evaluation of the Adjoint of a Physically-Based Cirrus Cloud Formation Parameterization

Benjamin Sheyko, S. L. Capps, D. Barahona, and A. Nenes 2:30 PM, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 521 A simple model for monthly river flow forecasting Xubin Zeng, K. L. Kiviat, K. Sakaguchi, and A. M. A. Mahmoud 2:30 PM, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 565 Enhanced MJO-like Variability at High SST in a Super-Parameterized GCM Nathan P. Arnold, Z. Kuang and E. Tziperman 2:30 PM, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 768 On the robustness of aerosol effects on an idealized supercell storm simulated with a cloud system-resolving model Hugh Morrison 2:30 PM, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 793 Interannual-to-Decadal Variability of Wind Power Density over the Continental US: Sensitivity to Model Resolution and Teleconnections   Jesse M. Steinweg-Woods and R. Saravanan 2:30 PM, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 579 The Change of the North American Monsoon Seasonal Precipitation in the CCSMv4 under IPCC CO2 Emission Scenarios Manuel Hernandez Jr., J. Tribbia and J. Caron 2:30 PM, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 570 Climate extremes in uncoupled and coupled regional climate models Tarun Verma, J. S. Hsieh, C. M. Patricola, R. Saravanan, and P. Chang 2:30 PM, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 572 Feedback Attribution of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation-related Atmospheric and Surface Temperature Anomalies Tae-Won Park, Y. Deng and M. Cai 2:30 PM, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 575 Radiative and Dynamical Forcing of the Surface and Atmospheric Temperature Anomalies Associated with the Northern Annular Mode Yi Deng, T. W. Park and M. Cai 2:30 PM, Exhibit Hall 3

Thursday, January 10

Presentation Type Session ID and Presentation Title Presenters Time and Location
Oral 8.1 A Modeling Study of Storm Surge and Its Impacts to Coastal Energy Infrastructure under Extreme Events in the Gulf of Mexico Zhaoqing Yang, T. Wang, L. R. Leung, K. A. Hibbard, A. Janetos, I. Kraucunas, J. S. Rice, B. L. Preston, and T. Wilbanks 11:00 AM, Room 18B
Oral 13B.2 Attribution of the summer warming since 1970s in Indian Ocean Basin to the inter-decadal change in the seasonal timing of El Niño decay phase R.-C. Ren, Q. Li, M. Cai, and G. X. Wu 11:15 AM, Ballroom C
Oral 13B.3 Magnitude and significance of observed trends in precipitation frequency over the U.S Indrani Pal, B. T. Anderson, G. Salvucci, and D. Gianotti 11:30 AM, Ballroom C
Oral 14A.1 Using Observing Systems to Differentiate Climate Models According by Their Low-Cloud Feedback Strengths Daniel Feldman and W. Collins 1:30 PM, Ballroom B
Oral 14A.4 The Implementation of a Carbon-Nitrogen Model into the Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC) Model for Use in the Regional Arctic System Model (RASM) Michael A. Brunke, B. Nijssen, X. Zeng, and D. P. Lettenmaier 2:15 PM, Ballroom B
Oral 4.4 Linear Inverse Modeling (LIM) and its implications for MJO predictability and mechanisms Brian E. Mapes 4:15 PM, Ballroom F
 Oral 15B.5 Shallow circulation, advective drying and inter-annual variability of Sahel precipitation in present and future climate Naresh Neupane, S. M. Hagos, L. R. Leung, and K. H. Cook 4:30 PM, Ballroom C
Oral 15A.5 Understanding Projections of Increased Convective Precipitation Intensity Naresh Neupane and K. H. Cook 4:30 PM, Ballroom B
Poster Sessions
Poster 554 New Daily and Monthly Downscaled CMIP5 Climate Projections Levi D. Brekke, B. Thrasher, T. Pruitt, E. P. Maurer, C. Tebaldi, J. R. Arnold, and J. Long 9:45 AM, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 557 The integrated Regional Earth System Model Ian Kraucunas, L. Clarke, J. Dirks, M. hejazi, K. A. Hibbard, M. Huang, A. Janetos, M. Kintner-Meyer, K. Kleese Van Dam, L. R. Leung, R. Moss, J. Rice, M. J. Scott, A. Thomson, T. West, P. Whitney, and Z. Yang 9:45 AM, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 592 West African Monsoon Demise Kerry H. Cook and G. Zhang 9:45 AM, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 587 Dynamical Downscaling Projections of Late 21st Century Atlantic Hurricane Activity: CMIP3 and CMIP5 Model-based Scenarios Thomas R. Knutson, J. J. Sirutis, G. A. Vecchi, S. Garner, M. Zhao, H. S. Kim, M. Bender, I. Held, R. E. Tuleya, and G. Villarini 9:45 AM, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 594 What Control the Dry Bias over Amazonian by CMIP5 Models and Its Implication for Future Projections? Lei Yin, R. Fu, E. Shevliakova, and R. E. Dickinson 9:45 AM, Exhibit Hall 3