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Publication Year Title Publication Type Author(s) Institution
2017 Isopycnal eddy mixing across the Kuroshio Extension: Stable versus unstable states in an eddying model Journal Article Chen, Ru Scripps Institution of Oceanography
2017 The structure and large-scale organization of extreme cold waves over the conterminous United States Journal Article Xie, Zuowei Georgia Institute of Technology School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
2017 Constraining the Instantaneous Aerosol Influence on Cloud Albedo Journal Article Gryspeerdt, Edward Imperial College London
2017 Dust-wind Interactions Can Intensify Aerosol Pollution over Eastern China Journal Article
2017 Source Attribution of Black Carbon and its Direct Radiative Forcing in China Journal Article Yang, Yang Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2017 A Hindcast Experiment Using the GCAM 3.0 Agriculture and Land-Use Model Journal Article Calvin, Katherine Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2016 Regional Downscaling of S2S Prediction: Past Lessons and Future Prospects Journal Article Leung, L. Ruby Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2017 Tangent linear superparameterization of convection in a 10-layer global atmosphere with calibrated climatology Journal Article Kelly, Patrick Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2017 Examining the Hydrological Variations in an Aquaplanet World Using Wave Activity Transformation Journal Article Lu, Jian Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2017 Establishing a Numerical Modeling Framework for Hydrologic Engineering Analyses of Extreme Storm Events Journal Article Chen, Xiaodong University of Washington
2017 Cloud feedback mechanisms and their representation in global climate models Journal Article Ceppi, Paulo University of Reading - UK
2017 Wave events: climatology, trends, and relationship to Northern Hemisphere winter blocking and weather extremes Journal Article Martineau, Patrick University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
2017 LIVVkit: An extensible, python-based, land ice verification and validation toolkit for ice sheet models Journal Article
0 Anthropogenic warming impacts on California snowpack during drought Journal Article Berg, Neil University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
2017 Technical note: Simultaneous fully dynamic characterization of multiple input–output relationships in climate models Journal Article Kravitz, Ben Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2017 A new and inexpensive non-bit-for-bit solution reproducibility test based on time step convergence (TSC1.0) Journal Article Wan, Hui Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2017 Modeling surface water dynamics in the Amazon Basin using MOSART-Inundation v1.0: impacts of geomorphological parameters and river flow representation Journal Article Luo, Xiangyu Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2017 Impacts of global open-fire aerosols on direct radiative, cloud and surface-albedo effects simulated with CAM5 Journal Article
2016 Influence of dynamic vegetation on carbon-nitrogen cycle feedback in the Community Land Model (CLM4) Journal Article
2017 A Python-based, Extensible Toolkit for a Robust Verification and Validation of Continental-scale Land Ice Models Journal Article
0 Modelling Monsoons Book Chapter Sperber, Kenneth R PCMDI/LLNL
2017 Moving beyond the Total Sea Ice Extent in Gauging Model Biases Journal Article Ivanova, Detelina Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
2017 A Radiative Transfer Module for Calculating Photolysis Rates and Solar Heating in Climate Models: Solar-J 7.5 Journal Article Hsu, Juno UC Irvine
2017 Co-occurrence of extremes in surface ozone, particulate matter, and temperature over eastern North America Journal Article Schnell, Jordan L UC Irvine
2017 Exploring the Effects of a Nonhydrostatic Dynamical Core in High-resolution Aquaplanet Simulations Journal Article Yang, Qing Pacific Northest National Laboratory
2017 Sensitivity of U.S. summer precipitation to model resolution and convective parameterizations across gray zone resolutions Journal Article Gao, Yang Pacific Northest National Laboratory
2017 Exploring new topography-based subgrid spatial structures for improving land surface modeling Journal Article Tesfa, Teklu K Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2017 Contribution of feldspar and marine organic aerosols to global ice nucleating particle concentrations Journal Article Vergara-Temprado, Jesús Rinaldi Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science
2017 Rossby wave breaking and transient eddy forcing during Euro-Atlantic circulation regimes Journal Article Swenson, Erik T George Mason University
2017 Effects of cloud condensation nuclei and ice nucleating particles on precipitation processes and supercooled liquid in mixed-phase orographic clouds Journal Article Fan, Jiwen Pacific Northwest National Laboratory