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Publication Year Title Publication Type Author(s) Institution
2017 Satellite Sounder Retrievals of Contrasting Moisture Transport Regimes: Saharan Air Layers, Hadley Cells, and Atmospheric Rivers Journal Article
2016 Simulating County-Level Crop Yields in the Conterminous United States using the Community Land Model: The effects of optimizing irrigation and fertilization Journal Article
2017 Global Scenarios of Urban Density and Its Impacts on Building Energy Use through 2050 Journal Article
2016 Exploring the Impacts of Physics and Resolution on Aqua-Planet Simulations from A Non-hydrostatic Global Variable-Resolution Modeling Framework Journal Article
2017 Local Atmospheric Response to an Open-Ocean Polynya in a High-Resolution Climate Model Journal Article Weijer, Wilbert
2016 High Resolution Model Intercomparison Project (HighResMIP v1.0) for CMIP6 Journal Article
2016 The Tropical Rain Belts with an Annual Cycle and a Continent Model Intercomparison Project: TRACMIP Journal Article
2017 A Comparison of Two Stokes Ice Sheet Models Applied to the Marine Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project for Plan View Models (MISMIP3d) Journal Article
2017 The Cloud Feedback Model Intercomparison Project (CFMIP) contribution to CMIP6 Journal Article Webb, Mark
2017 An Ice Sheet Model Validation Framework for the Greenland Ice Sheet Journal Article
2017 Importance of Vegetation Processes for Model Spread in the Fast Precipitation Response to CO2 Forcing Journal Article
2016 Importance of Vegetation Processes for Model Spread in the Fast Precipitation Response to CO2 Forcing Journal Article DeAngelis, Anthony M
2016 Multi-Scale Economic Methodologies and Scenarios Workshop Technical Report
2016 Global Warming-Induced Upper-Ocean Freshening and the Intensification of Super Typhoons Journal Article
2016 Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project (ISMIP6) contribution to CMIP6 Journal Article Nowicki, Sophie
2017 A Dynamical and Statistical Characterization of United States Extreme Precipitation Events and their Associated Large-Scale Meteorological Patterns Journal Article Zhao, Siyu
2016 Heat Budget Analysis of Northern Hemisphere High-Latitude Spring Onset Events Journal Article He, Jia
2016 Warm Season Dry Spells in the Central and Eastern United States: Diverging Skill in Climate Model Representation Journal Article Zhao, Siyu
2016 Impact of decadal cloud variations on the Earth’s energy budget Journal Article
2016 Impact of Decadal Cloud Variations on the Earth’s Energy Budget Journal Article Zhou, Chen
2016 Vulnerability of the US western electric grid to hydro-climatological conditions: How bad can it get? Journal Article Voisin, Nathalie Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2012 Community Modeling and Long-Term Predictions of the Integrated Water Cycle Technical Report Leung, L Ruby
2016 Understanding Dynamics and Resilience in Complex Interdependent Systems Technical Report Moss, Richard
2015 Need and Options for Subnational Scale Land-Use and Land-Cover Scenarios for the United States Technical Report Brown, Daniel
2012 Climate and Energy-Water-Land System Interactions Technical Report Skaggs, Richard
2015 Towards Scenarios of U.S. Demographic Change: Workshop Report Technical Report
2014 The Water-Energy Nexus: Challenges and Opportunities Technical Report Bauer, Diana
2016 Land Surface Climate in the Regional Arctic System Model Journal Article
2016 A New Seasonal-Deciduous Spring Pphenology Submodel in the Community Land Model 4.5: Impacts on carbon and water cycling under future climate scenarios Journal Article
2016 The Role of Climate Covariability on Crop Yields in the Conterminous United States Journal Article Leng, Guoyong Pacific Northwest National Laboratory