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Regional and Global Climate Modeling PI Meeting 2016

Event Date
Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at 8:00am - Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 4:00pm

The 2016 RGCM PI meeting is scheduled to start at 8am on November 29th and end at 4pm on December 1st at the Rockville Hilton, Rockville, MD. See the draft agenda and meeting website for more information.

The objectives of this PI meeting are to:

  1. Increase interactions between RGCM funded PIs (universities, labs, and large projects)
  2. Develop whitepapers on topics relevant to the RGCM portfolioThe abstracts collected for this meeting will help in deciding the topics
    • When you fill out abstracts for the posters, you will be asked to choose from 6 foundational topics and 10 cross-cutting topics. Depending on how the discussion proceeds during the meeting and afterwards, we might change the list of cross-cutting topics. We expect the flavor of the foundational topics might be remain the same but might wordsmith the titles.
    • The foundational topics are: 1) Climate Variability and Change; 2) Cloud Processes/Feedbacks; 3) BGC processes and feedbacks; 4)  High-latitude processes and feedbacks; 5) Extremes; and 6) Water Cycle
    • The 10 cross-cutting topics include: 1) Uncertainty Quantification; 2) Metrics; 3) Testbeds; 4) Diagnostic Tools; 5) MIPS; 6) Detections and Attribution; 7) Climate Feedbacks and Process Interactions; 8) Regional Modeling; 9) Hierarchy of Models; 10) Extremes and Tipping points
    • Coordinate the development and analysis of computer intensive simulations within RGCM
  3. Coordinate analysis and publications for CMIP6
  4. Discuss ways to enhance connections with ACME and with the IAR programs.
Funding Program Area(s)