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Publication Date
17 July 2015

Burrows and Foucar Honored by DOE for Outstanding Contribution

Pictured left to right: Mark Taylor, Sandia National Laboratories; Bill Collins, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Sharlene Weatherwax, U.S. DOE; Renata McCoy, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Dave Bader, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Jim Foucar, Sandia National Laboratories; and Dorothy Koch, Program Manager for the Earth System Modeling Program of the U.S. DOE’s Office of Science, the sponsor of the ACME project.

Congratulations to atmospheric scientists Drs. Susannah Burrows at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and James Foucar at Sandia National Laboratories, on receiving a commendation from the ACME Executive Council and presented by Dr. Sharlene Weatherwax, the Associate Director of Science for the Biological and Environmental Research, an office of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Office of Science. Burrows was recognized for her outstanding contribution to “leadership in the development of scientific software capabilities that integrate across ACME.” Foucar was honored at the meeting for his “exceptionally thorough work in developing ACME's critical testing infrastructure.”


Present at the ACME team awards are the ACME Executive Council, awardees, and DOE representatives.

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