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30 July 2021

Climate Science Featured on DOE Livestream Roundtable Discussion

Kate Calvin of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and lead PI for EESM’s Global Change Intersectoral Modeling System (GCIMS) Scientific Focus Area, discusses climate science with Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

In case you missed it, Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm hosted a Livestream Roundtable Discussion on Climate on July 22, 2021. The discussion highlighted climate science research, ranging from wildfire impacts in ecosystems to modeling the impacts of climate change on people and communities.

In addition to Secretary Granholm, the roundtable featured Kate Calvin of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, lead PI for Earth and Environmental Systems Modeling’s Global Change Intersectoral Modeling System (GCIMS), and co-lead of the Biogeochemistry Core Group of the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) Scientific Focus Areas.

“The climate is warming, and with increasing temperatures, there are consequences for people,” says Calvin. “We see increases in wildfires, flooding, droughts, and crop yields, and our energy system. So, we are continually working to improve these (Earth system) models and understand the effect on communities.”

Other speakers included:

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