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4 December 2023

Data Releases: v2.0 NARRM, Large Ensembles and More

E3SMv2 North America Regionally Refined Model (NARRM).

The E3SM project’s Data Publication Team published several new datasets to the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF). Three major categories of data were added: E3SMv2 North America Regionally Refined Model (NARRM), E3SMv1.0 high resolution campaign data, and data produced in collaboration with ecosystem projects: the Large Ensembles (LENS) simulation data. The data was published in CMIP format, and for much of the data, also in the native output format.

v2.0 NARRM

The Energy Exascale Earth System Model version 2.0 (E3SMv2) release supports two horizontal resolutions. The standard low-resolution (LR) version (i.e., 110 km atmosphere, 165 km land, 55 km (at the equator) river, and 30km-60km ocean and sea ice) was highlighted in an earlier newsletter article “E3SMv2 overview paper“, with data release announced at Data from E3SM v2.0 is Available. For the second horizontal resolution, the E3SMv2 high-resolution version adopts the regionally refined mesh (RRM) in all components (except river). This makes the E3SMv2 NARRM (Overview of the North American Regionally Refined Model of E3SM Version 2 ) the first Earth system model with fully coupled RRM which successfully delivered the climate production simulations, e.g., the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project 6 (CMIP6DECK (Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Characterization of Klima) simulations. The complete DECK dataset is now made available through ESGF.



v1.0 High Resolution

The v1.0 high resolution campaign (Overview of High-Res Coupled Model) was concluded with a set of transient simulations using transient forcings following the HighResMIP protocol for the years spanning 1950 through 2015. The simulation were documented in Harrop et al. 2023. The new simulations complemented the original control simulations that used repeating 1950 conditions (Caldwell et al. 2021). Data from v1.0 High Resolution simulations are published in native format through ESGF.



v1.0 and v2.0 Large Ensembles (LENS)

The v1 and v2 LENS are products of collaborations between the E3SM Project and RGMA funded investigators (Prof. Manu Di Lorenzo (Brown University, project) for v1 and CATALYST Project for v2; documented in Stevenson et al. 2023 and Fusullo et al. 2023, respectively.

The data location of all E3SM v2.0 simulation runs, and how to retrieve the data are documented here: Simulation Data — E3SM Data Docs documentation, the v1 LENS can be downloaded from ESGF.



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