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Publication Date
8 March 2023

E3SM Phase 3 Organizational Realignment


The E3SM project’s functional organization is realigning to better address the Nation’s strategic challenges. This new organization was presented in a recent review to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Biological and Environmental Research (BER) program. This new alignment refocuses the project on actionable projections to achieve its long-term goal of producing actionable science simulation with a state-of-the-art Earth system model executing on Office of Science Exascale Computing systems.

BER Accepted E3SM Phase 3 Proposal

As the E3SM project’s second phase (second 3-year funding period) was ending, it prepared and presented to the DOE BER a proposal for Phase 3 funding (check the internal link to the proposal) with a renewed 10-year vision, and 3-year goals, roadmaps and planned deliverables. The proposal submission was then followed by the BER-led external panel review.

In the acceptance letter, in response to the Review, the BER stated that “Both the reviewers and BER appreciate the well-organized proposal, presentations, and effort in addressing reviewers’ questions” and that “overall, BER program managers and the reviewers were very impressed with the project achievements during Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project. Reviewers remarked that E3SM has gone from almost scratch into a serious scientific effort in less than 10 years; and during Phase 2, the E3SM project transitioned successfully into a distinct, unique modeling effort whose prominence is growing and matured considerably. It now stands poised to push the frontiers of actionable climate science. Reviewers thought the project brought together a group of world-class scientists with expertise in computational techniques, next-generation computer resources, and climate modeling, unique to the DOE National laboratories and E3SM is uniquely positioned for international groundbreaking leadership in computationally advanced Earth system modeling. Reviewers opined that E3SM is an ambitious project with high risk and high reward components, effective management, and demonstrated success in developing novel computational algorithms and numerical methods for Earth system models, which has significantly contributed to the climate modeling community.” The proposal was accepted pending response to some questions posed by the review committee, which E3SM project recently addressed. E3SM team will also take many constructive comments from the reviewers into consideration during phase 3 implementation.

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