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11 August 2023

InteRFACE 2023 Virtual Poster Meeting

Interdisciplinary Research for Arctic Coastal Environments (InteRFACE) 2023 Virtual Poster Meeting

The Interdisciplinary Research for Arctic Coastal Environments (InteRFACE) project will be hosting a virtual poster meeting August 15 and 21, 2023 from noon to 3 p.m. Eastern. The meeting will begin with a live kickoff led by U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) program mangers on August 15, followed immediately by an introduction to the virtual poster session hosted on the GatherTown platform.

The InteRFACE project focuses on the impacts to and responses of coastal systems to climate change in the Arctic. The project pursues multi-disciplinary science to explore the coupled feedbacks between natural and human systems at the coastal interface in the Arctic. InteRFACE researchers collaborate to improve the predictive understanding of potential trajectories of change at the Arctic land and ocean interface. The project uses and develops regional and global earth system models to explore the coupled interactions between rivers, coastal oceans, sea ice, and marine biogeochemistry. In the framework of a changing Arctic, the local to global feedbacks with energy resources, transportation, and marine resources are modeled and analyzed.

Visit the meeting page for more information

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