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29 March 2024

MSD at AGU 2023 Recap

MSD Meetup at AGU 2023

MSD would like to thank everyone for making their presence at the Fall 2023 AGU meeting so strong and exciting. This past 2023 Fall AGU continues our success in contributing to the Global and Environmental Change section's program (~10% of the total submissions). The MSD CoP helped coordinate 8 oral sessions and 9 poster sessions drawing on 144 abstracts. The sessions had 687 authors from 23 countries and 35% of the presenters were students. The student presentations included the Outstanding Student Presentation Award winning talk by David Lafferty (UIUC) entitled ‘How do Downscaling and Bias-Correction Alter the Uncertainty Decomposition of Future Climate Projections?”. David is an active member of the MSD Uncertainty Working Group. Nearly a third of the authors were international from 22 countries outside of the US.

The following themes that emerged across the MSD sessions:
• Challenges in confronting climate change complexity in risk frameworks
• Overcoming disconnects between energy system and climate modeling
• Needs for advancing energy transitions in the developing world
• Advances in emulation and uncertainty characterization in MSD systems
• Addressing the confluence between societal and environmental changes in urban systems
• Understanding the impacts of compounding hazards from weather extremes across sectors
• Better capturing energy-water-land interactions across scales
• Providing transdisciplinary training for the next generation of MSD researchers.

The MSD Early Career Development working group leveraged the huge turnout for exciting poster sessions to organize a meet up for the MSD community to cap off the week with great conversations and fun in San Francisco.

Following the success of the MSD CoP program, several MSD session proposals will again be coordinated for the 2024 AGU Fall Meeting, aimed at bringing together researchers from around the world, presenting compelling MSD research, and accelerating the development of the MSD community.

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