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Publication Date
13 June 2023

MSD Special Collection for Earths’ Future

Earth's Future Call for Papers

Note: This story originally appeared in the MultiSector Dynamics newsletter.  

The MultiSector Dynamics Community of Practice is leading a call for papers for Earth's Future.  

Submissions: Open now through December 31, 2024  

Special Collection Organizers:

  • Patrick Reed, Cornell University
  • Nicole D. Jackson, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Katharine Mach, University of Miami
  • Nicholas P. Simpson, University of Cape Town
  • Nathalie Voisin, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Jennifer Morris, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  

Special Collection Abstract:

Climate change, energy transitions, and sustainable development goals are not independent challenges. Individually and collectively, these challenges encompass diverse sectors, services, and changes across global-to-local scales that have tremendous societal implications. Moreover, the underlying human-Earth system dynamics involved in meeting these challenges emerge across the underlying geophysical, biophysical, economic, and socio-technical systems that govern their evolution. Scientific innovations are needed to advance our understanding of the evolution, implications, and effectiveness of human responses to these interdependent challenges. This special collection is seeking contributions that advance our understanding of transformative human-Earth system changes, their opportunities, as well as their risks. Transdisciplinary and multisectoral perspectives are needed to better understand how investments over the next decade shape vulnerability, resilience, and sustainability tradeoffs longer term. These investments need to be robust given the potential for unprecedented transitions and shocks. More broadly, this special collection seeks to advance complex adaptive human-Earth system science to better understand how humans can respond to deeply uncertain influences to realize a more resilient and equitable future.  

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