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Publication Date
16 September 2022

New zppy Features

Example showing selected plots from ILAMB diagnostics that can be now performed through zppy task. Figure 2(a) shows temporarily integrated mean of Leaf Area Index (LAI) global distribution compared to the benchmark dataset: MODIS, and figure 2(b) shows the relationship between LAI and precipitation compare simulated and benchmark data: MODIS and GPCPv2.3.

zppy (pronounced “zip-ee”), a post-processing toolchain for E3SM written in Python has had a number of improvements since we introduced it last year. It’s goal is to orchestrate the post-processing tasks for E3SM simulations and to speed them up by automating commonly-performed tasks. Recently released version 2.1.0 of zppy is included in E3SM Unified v1.7.0 environment.

zppy, which calls e3sm_diags (an E3SM diagnostic Python package: E3SM Diags) tasks, supports e3sm-diags’ new additional plots sets: cmip6 comparison (included in lat_lon set) (Fig 1.), annual_cycle_zonal_mean, streamflow_diags, zonal_mean_2d_stratosphere, Tropical Cyclone, aerosol_aeronet

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