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Publication Date
16 September 2022

New zppy Features


zppy (pronounced “zip-ee”), a post-processing toolchain for E3SM written in Python has had a number of improvements since we introduced it last year. It’s goal is to orchestrate the post-processing tasks for E3SM simulations and to speed them up by automating commonly-performed tasks. Recently released version 2.1.0 of zppy is included in E3SM Unified v1.7.0 environment.

zppy, which calls e3sm_diags (an E3SM diagnostic Python package: E3SM Diags) tasks, supports e3sm-diags’ new additional plots sets: cmip6 comparison (included in lat_lon set) (Fig 1.), annual_cycle_zonal_mean, streamflow_diags, zonal_mean_2d_stratosphere, Tropical Cyclone, aerosol_aeronet

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