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Publication Date
7 October 2020

Register Today for the October 13 to 16 RGMA PI Meeting


Like many conferences and meetings in 2020, the upcoming RGMA Principal Investigators (PI) Meeting will take place  virtually. It will be held via video conferencing October 13 to 16 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time.

According to RGMA Program Manager Renu Joseph, the meeting goals are to provide an overview of currently funded research activities, share results and accomplishments, and enable collaboration across projects.

“We look forward to the RGMA PI Meeting,” says Joseph, noting that attendees will include funded project participants, guests, and observers. “It’s a chance for us to hear about your research, discuss your science, and plan collaborative activities with your RGMA colleagues.”

Oral presentations and lightning talks will cover all RGMA focus areas, including updates from each Scientific Focus Area, cooperative agreement, and university small projects. Breakout sessions and discussions will be held for each focus area, recent research and development activities from working groups, model intercomparison projects, and collaboration activities.

The full PI meeting agenda is available to registered attendees and includes sessions that focus on eight topics:

  • convection and surface-atmosphere interactions
  • synoptic- to intraseasonal-scale interactions
  • extremes and impacts
  • cloud and cloud-aerosol interactions and feedbacks
  • multiyear earth system variability, predictability, and prediction
  • ecosystem responses and feedbacks
  • high-latitude processes and feedbacks
  • coastal systems: land-atmosphere-ocean interaction.

Outcomes of presentations and discussions will be included in a PI meeting report on “Advancing Understanding of Variability, Predictability, and Change Across Spatiotemporal Scales.”

To learn more, visit the RGMA PI Meeting website.

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