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#A01 Spatial distributions and radiative forcing of aerosols in ACME v1-beta (AV1C-04P)

Thursday, November 10, 2016 - 16:00
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Compared to the earlier model configurations, the atmospheric AV1C-04P version has some code and input changes and parameter tunings that reduce biases in aerosol spatial distributions, aerosol indirect effects, low clouds, and precipitation. We evaluated aerosols and their radiative forcings using both 5-year free-running and 1-year nudged low-resolution (ne30) simulations. The two gave quite consistent results in terms of aerosol radiative forcing, although the nudged simulations were much shorter duration. We performed additional 1-year nudged simulations to evaluate the individual effects on aerosol radiative forcing by a few of the new treatments implemented in the ACME (v1-beta) model: wet scavenging processes (i.e., aerosol activation, cloud processing, and wet removal), marine organics, ice nucleation, and deposition of light-absorbing particles to snowpack and sea ice. We will present the results of these simulations at the meeting.

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