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#A10 Investigating the role of gustiness on monsoon circulations in the ACME v1 model

Thursday, November 10, 2016 - 16:00
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Recent modifications to the treatment of surface latent heat flux in the ACME v1 model include a parameterization to include the effect of convective gustiness.  This gustiness modification is shown to have a non-negligible impact, improving monsoon circulations in the East China and Southeast Asian monsoon basins.  Other monsoon regions, however, do not show any sensitivity to convective gustiness in the model.  These additional basins include Australia, India, North and South Africa, and North and South America.  We explore the physical mechanisms tying the gustiness modifications to the monsoon circulations, as well as the large-scale tropical circulation as a whole.  We contrast the East China and Southeast Asian monsoon basins with the others in order to understand the sensitivity differences between these regions.  As a whole, the gustiness modification improves the representation of the Asian monsoon system in the ACME v1 model without sacrificing monsoon fidelity in other regions.

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