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Application of Satellite and ARM Simulators to ACME Model Evaluation: Progress, Problems, and Plan

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 - 07:00
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Given the different definitions of clouds among climate models and between models and observations, the instrument simulators are developed to facilitate an 'apple-to-apple' comparison of modeled clouds with detailed observations. The simulator approach accounts for observational limitations of the instruments and bridge the scale gaps between observations and climate models. In the ACME project, the simulators will be applied to perform meaningful testing for new or improved parameterizations. To facilitate the comprehensive assessment for the cloud simulations, we implemented the ACME Tier 1b cloud collection of satellite simulator diagnostics in UVCDAT through the collaboration with the workflow team. We performed an initial assessment of the candidate convection schemes for the next generation of CAM by applying these simulator diagnostics to their AMIP simulations. The results will provide useful information for ACME since these schemes are also being tested in ACME model. In addition to the comparison with satellite observations, this poster will also present initial assessment of ACME model simulated clouds with high frequency and high vertical resolution ARM data by using a newly developed ARM radar simulator for the DOE ARM program. In the poster, we will also discuss the problems we encountered for v0.1 AMIP ensemble runs ne30 and ne120 with satellite simulators. Our future plan on how to upgrade COSP for more efficient speed, lidar cloud phase diagnostics, and aerosol diagnostics will be presented.