CAM5 at Global High-Resolution and Regionally Refined High-Resolution

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 07:00
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Through the DOE Ultra-High Resolution and the DOE CSSEF project, we have developed a global high resolution (1/4 degree) configuration of the CESM1_2 and a regionally refined version with 1/8 degree resolution over the continental U.S. We tuned several aspects of CAM5 at 1/4 degree global resolution, and are currently completing a long simulation coupled with ocean and sea ice components running at 1/10 degree. For the coupled simulation we developed a load balanced configuration that runs efficiently on Titan, using 62K cores to achieve 1.6 simulated-years-per-day including high frequency output from all components. With these same tunings we have also run shorter simulations at 1/8 degree resolution, including a global 1/8 degree pre-industrial simulation and a regionally refined simulation with 1/8 degree resolution over the continental U.S. I will present initial results from these simulations, as well as comparing their computational performance on DOE's leadership computing facilities.

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