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COARSEMAP: synthesis of observations and models for coarse-mode aerosols

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 08:00
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Coarse mode aerosols influence Earth’s climate and biogeochemistry by interacting with long-wave radiation, promoting ice nucleation, and contributing important elements to biogeochemical cycles during deposition. Yet coarse mode aerosols have received less emphasis in the scientific literature. Here we present first efforts to globally synthesize available mass concentration, composition and optical depth data and modeling for the coarse mode aerosols (<10 µm) in a new project called “COARSEMAP” ( We seek more collaborators who have observational data, especially including elemental or composition data, and/or who are interested in detailed modeling of the coarse mode. The goal will be publications synthesizing data with models, as well as providing synthesized results to the wider community.

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