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Development of Microbe-Enabled SOM Decomposition & Methane Modules through ALM-PFLOTRAN Interface

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 - 07:00
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Microbial assimilation of soil organic matter (SOM) and the physicochemical protection of SOM play fundamental roles in regulating land-atmosphere interactions. However, these microbial and physicochemical processes are not explicitly represented in most regional/global terrestrial ecosystem models, e.g., the Community Land Model (CLM). In the ACME Land Task M3.8 and M3.11, we are developing the microbe-enabled SOM decomposition and methane cycle modules based on the CTC (Convergent Trophic Cascade) model to include explicit treatment of microbial dynamics and organic-mineral interactions. These modules will be implemented in PFLOTRAN, which is capable of solving a system of nonlinear partial differential equations describing multi-phase, multi-component and multi-scale 3-D flow and reactive-transport in porous media. We are developing a CLM-PFLOTRAN biogeochemistry (BGC) interface to facilitate the communication between CLM and PFLOTRAN BGC modules. The ultimate objective of this interface is to enable flexible and fast development and evaluation of soil BGC modules through the coupled CLM-PFLOTRAN framework.

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