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Emulating RRTMG Radiation with Deep Neural Networks for the Accelerated Model for Climate and Energy

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 13:40
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The RRTMG radiation scheme in the Accelerated Model for Climate and Energy Multi-scale Model Framework (ACME-MMF), is a bottleneck and consumes approximately $50\%$ of the computational time. To simulate a case using RRTMG radiation scheme in ACME-MMF with high throughput and high resolution will therefore require a speed-up of this calculation while retaining physical fidelity. In this study, RRTMG radiation is emulated with Deep Neural Networks (DNNs). \\

The first step towards this goal is to run a case with ACME-MMF and generate input data sets for the DNNs. A principal component analysis of these input data sets are carried out. Artificial data sets are created using the previous data sets to cover a wider space. These artificial data sets are used in a standalone RRTMG radiation scheme to generate outputs in a cost effective manner. These input-output pairs are used to train multiple architectures DNNs(1). Another DNN(2) is trained using the inputs to predict the error. A reverse emulation is trained to map the output to input. An error controlled code is developed with the two DNNs (1 and 2) and will determine when/if the original parameterization needs to be used.

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