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Evaluation of the ACME Coupled System: First Application to High-Resolution V0 Simulation

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 - 07:00
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The purpose of the ACME Coupled Simulation Team is twofold: oversee specific tasks related to the coupled model and coupled simulations, and evaluate the coupled simulations by prioritizing metrics that best describe the coupled system as a whole. Within the latter, here we describe our effort to identify a suite of seven priority metrics and diagnostics, and gather a team with expertise on single-component, as well as coupled, model evaluation to apply these metrics to the current ACME-v0 high-resolution simulation. The team leaders are tasked not only with overseeing and evaluating the v0 simulation, but also with providing a full documentation of the metric computation process (including a detailed description of the algorithm and the observational data set used for model-data comparison), with the purpose of helping the Workflow Team build the UV-CDAT model evaluation package for future ACME simulations.

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