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Exploring the Nonhydrostatic Threshold with Multiscale Dynamical Core Tests in ACME

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 17:30
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Combining idealized dynamical core test cases with regionally refined meshes (RRM) enables us to investigate nonhydrostatic effects in multiscale simulations independent of the details of subgrid-scale parameterization packages. By comparing small-planet and full-planet RRM simulations, we investigate the feasibility of simulating storm-scale phenomena at 1km or smaller in the ACME global climate model. Further, we are interested in determining at what scales nonhydrostatic phenomena become important. Although analytic scaling arguments predict a 10km threshold, the effective cut-off resolution may be both model and problem dependent. By tuning the small-planet radius, we are able to identify the emergence of nonhydrostatic effects and quantify the hydrostatic approximation error as a function of scale.

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