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Identifying the Anthropogenic Footprints using both Observation and Coupled Climate Model

Monday, May 12, 2014 - 07:00
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Corroborative study with both observation and coupled climate models, various signals of anthropogenic forcings on the Earth climate system has been identified. These studies go beyond simple statistical analysis and use more detailed/sophisticated dynamical analysis to identify underlying mechanisms. For example, a recent drought over western Nepal is likely caused by both natural variability and more interestingly increasing anthropogenic aerosol emissions over South Asia. Observational analysis and a series of sensitivity experiments identify a potential role of aerosol through changing atmospheric circulation and teleconnection pattern. A similar approach is taken to identify the roles of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and aerosols on land falling tropical cyclones over Myanmar, a recent California drought, and a historical Sahel drought/recovery. Finally, it is demonstrated coupled climate models with better climatology leads to clearer detection/attribution of anthropogenic forcings.

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