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#L04 MOSART-sediment

Thursday, November 10, 2016 - 16:00
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Soil erosion and sediment transportation through large river systems have critical impacts on riverine biogeochemistry and terrestrial discharges of sediment, C, N and P into the ocean. The Model for Scale Adaptive River Transport (MOSART) has been extended to represent the riverine sediment transportation and transformation processes, hence denoted as MOSART-sediment.  MOSART-sediment represents the erosion process of fine soil particles via surface runoff routing across hillslopes, and channel sediment transportation, suspension, deposition and bank erosion processes through the tributaries and main channel network. MOSART-sediment has been migrated with ACME at this stage, consisting of three major components: 1) a soil erosion process representation; 2) a riverine transport and transform process representation; and 3) a simple parameterization of reservoir trapping effect on sediment. Preliminary results from this global application of ACME-MOSART-sediment will be presented. Future directions to be discussed include improvement of MOSART-sediment parameterization and evaluation against the observation.