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#L10 An Update on Software Developments in the FATES

Thursday, November 10, 2016 - 16:00
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This poster covers developments on migrating the Functionally Assembled Terrestrial Ecosystem Simulator (FATES) towards a modular structure.  The intent is that in a modular structure it can readily communicate with various host land models (HLMs).  The modular design implementation is a coordinated effort between the NGEE-Tropics and ACME project.  The overall goal of developing a FATES-HLM interface was motivated by the need to connect the FATES model with the ACME Land Model, as well as other land models such as the Community Land Model (CLM), the Advanced Terrestrial Simulator (ATS) and others. At the time of this abstract, the majority of major milestones have been completed. including the building of a separate version control repository, unification of pre-existing FATES branches, porting of code to core machines, linkages between ED and soil BGC, expanded diagnostics, conversion of the broadest model scale to align with HLM "columns", general design of the FATES public API, cold-start model initialization, partial completion of restart initialization, interfaces for photosynthesis and radiation and hydraulics and soil BGC and dynamics and phenology, global variable passing, and history diagnostics.  The following major milestones are slated for work: completion of restart refactors, parameter reading, final cleaning of HLM defined globals, a last pass through the sending of boundary conditions with the HLM and the finalization of the version control sub-module system that loads FATES into the ACME system.  

It is important to note that through the CMDV-ACME coordination, there are developments to create a generic system in the ACME land model to communicate with a list of external modules like FATES.  The efforts here mostly describe the FATES public API and the first pass at a modular FATES-HLM interface that help to simplify how FATES will work inside the new ACME Land Model's generic coupling interface.