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Low-warming Scenarios and their Approximation: Testing Emulation Performance for Average and Extreme Variables

Friday, December 15, 2017 - 18:00
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Taking advantage of the availability of ensemble simulations under low-warming scenarios performed with NCAR-DOE CESM, we test the performance of established methods for climate model output emulation. The goal is to provide a green, yellow or red light to the large impact research community that may be interested in performing impact analysis using climate model output other than, or in conjunction with, CESM's, especially as the IPCC Special Report on the 1.5 target urgently calls for scientific contributions exploring the costs and benefits of attaining these ambitious goals. We test the performance of emulators of average temperature and precipitation -- and their interannual variability -- and we also explore the possibility of emulating indices of extremes (ETCCDI indices), devised to offer impact relevant information from daily output of temperature and precipitation. Different degrees of departure from the linearity assumed in these traditional emulation approaches are found across the various quantities considered, and across regions, highlighting different degrees of quality in the approximations, and therefore some challenges in the provision of climate change information for impact analysis under these new scenarios that not many models have thus far targeted through their simulations.

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