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Validation and Verification Software for a Robust Evaluation of Continental-scale Ice Sheet Models

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 07:00
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To address a pressing need to better understand the behavior and complex interaction of ice sheets within the global Earth system, significant development of continental-scale, dynamical ice-sheet models is underway. The associated verification and validation process is being coordinated through a new, robust, python-based extensible software package, the Land Ice Verification and Validation toolkit (LIVV). We present 3 features of the toolkit and how they provide model evaluation: (1) the operational verification component, (2) a performance evaluation on LCF platforms, and (3) the first consolidated validation capability for continental ice sheet models. The performance V&V involves a comprehensive comparison of model performance relative to expected behavior on a given computing platform as well as a measure of performance 'value' for new model development, such that a determination of model expense due to additional features can be made. Progress toward the validation of continental scale ice sheet simulations within coupled model configurations is presented with an outline of near term goals to provide additional capabilities.

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