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Arctic Coastal Mesh Re nement in a Global Earth System Model ESMD Poster -
Contrasting Responses of Hailstorms to Anthropogenic Climate Change in Different Synoptic Weather Systems RGMA
Model Spread in Tropical Low Cloud Feedback Tied to the Overturning Circulation Response to Warming RGMA
Impact of Deep Convective Parameterization on Low Cloud Feedback and Climate Sensitivity RGMA
Linkage between Tropical Deep Convection and Low Cloud Feedback in GFDL Perturbed Physics Experiments RGMA
Observed Links between Deep Convection Aggregation and Tropical Cloud Variations RGMA -
Evaluating Climate Models' Cloud Feedbacks against Expert Judgement RGMA
A High-Resolution Tropical MCS Reanalysis (TMeCSR): Assimilating Satellite All-Sky Infrared Radiances, Atmospheric Motion Vectors, and In Situ Observations RGMA
Quantifying the Enhancement of Tropical Precipitation due to Mesoscale Convective Organization RGMA
Aerosol–Cloud Interactions in Urban Environments (Invited Presentation)
Causes of the Amplified Cold Season Arctic Surface Warming RGMA
Representation of the Convectively Coupled Kelvin Waves in Modern Reanalysis Products RGMA
Energy Exascale Earth System Model Application Readiness on the Fugaku Supercomputer ESMD
Topology-Based River Network Representation for Hydrologic Modeling ESMD -
Mesoscale Convective Systems Dominate the Energetics of the South Asian Summer Monsoon Onset RGMA
An Efficient Bi-Gaussian Ensemble Kalman Filter for Assimilating Satellite All-Sky Infrared Brightness Temperatures RGMA
Investigating Tropical and Post–Tropical Cyclone Extreme Precipitation Based on Storm Intensity and Phase RGMA
Comparison of Representations of Rain on Snow Flooding in Different Historical Datasets RGMA MSD
The 1996 Mid-Atlantic Winter Floods: Exploring Climate Risk through a Storyline Approach RGMA MSD
An Assessment of Nonhydrostatic and Hydrostatic Dynamical Cores at Seasonal Time Scales in the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SMv1) ESMD
Seasonal locking of the MJO’s southward detouring of Indonesia caused by the Australian monsoon RGMA
A proposed model intercomparison study to evaluate the role of SST variability on MJO eastward propagation in climate models RGMA
Large-scale convective systems identified by hybrid cloud-precipitation regimes and their modulations by MJO and QBO RGMA
Influence of Natural Variability on Simulated Changes in Arctic Permafrost RGMA
Overview of land-atmosphere biogeochemistry developments in the E3SMv1.1-BGC model ESMD -
CICE Consortium: Advancing Sea Ice Modeling ESMD RGMA
Global variation in ecosystem carbon use efficiency derived from eddy covariance observations RGMA
Madden-Julian Oscillation in the Energy Exascale Earth System Model Version 1 RGMA
Diurnal rainfall response to the physiological and radiative effects of CO2 in the Energy Exascale Earth System Model v1 biogeochemistry experiments ESMD
Temporal and spatial variation in modeled carbon-climate feedbacks: implications for future global land carbon source-sink dynamics ESMD

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